A lecture and a tour of several days along the sinn and saale rivers

The Bad Bruckenau MS self-help group has organized a tour that will take participants on recumbent bicycles along the Sinn and Saale Rivers. From Bad Bruckenau the tour starts under the motto “Together instead of lonely to Obersinn, Gemunden, Hammelburg and Bad Kissingen.

Already on Thursday, 15. August, the kick-off event will be held with a pictorial presentation. Beginning is at 18 o’clock with a Come together with meals. At 19 o’clock there is a picture lecture on the bicycle journey of Carsten Gruner through the Pamir mountains in Central Asia. There are breathtaking landscapes and the touching hospitality in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to see. Gruner has covered 1200 kilometers at an altitude of up to 4655 meters. The lecture lasts about two hours.

Start is on Friday, 16. August, at 12 o’clock at the peace church in Bad Bruckenau, where first the formalities are settled and there are briefings and/or tricycle adjustments. The participants return in the evening in each case with the bus to Bad Bruckenau and go with bus the next morning again to the starting point.

Church service and concert

An ecumenical service will be held at 15.30 o’clock celebrated, before from 16.30 o’clock a stage over eight kilometers is driven. The participants let the day end after a snack at the community center starting from 19 o’clock in the pedestrian precinct with the Friday fire evening concert.

Beaver tour with bike

On Saturday, participants will meet at 10 a.m. at the Georgi Hall and then drive to Obersinn, a distance of 25 kilometers. On the way there is a guided beaver tour with recumbent bikes with the Bund Naturschutz. From Obersinn, the participants then drive 24 kilometers to Gemunden on Sunday. On Monday, 19. August, starts the longest stage from Gemunden via Morlesau to Hammelburg. 28 kilometers have to be covered. On Tuesday, the last stage from Hammelburg to Bad Kissingen to the Bavaria Clinic is driven, with 25 kilometers. So a total of 110 kilometers will be covered on public roads, on bike paths and paved and unpaved roads

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