Almost 600 animals presented themselves on 1000 square meters

Almost 600 animals presented themselves on 1000 square meters

It was the usual, but always beautiful picture: Clucking, crowing, cooing and chattering welcomed the visitors of the district show Kulmbach and the simultaneous local show of the poultry breeding club Neudrossenfeld. In the more than 1000 square meters large hall at the vineyard almost 600 pigeons, bantams, chickens, ducks and geese presented themselves.

Great variety

And it was a true splendor, in which variety the animals presented themselves: Proud land geese in matt shimmering light gray plumage, the massive Australorps cock, the cute bantams and the curious rabbits.

The level was impressive, because the eight judges did not have it easy to award the best creatures. They could 24 times the highest rating “excellent” awarded and at the same time still the district champions 2018 to choose.

For District Administrator Klaus Peter Sollner (Free Voters), the patron, it is a duty, as he put it, to come to the district show. “After all, I have been following breeder events for decades, have a friendly relationship with the animal friends.” District chairman Hansjurgen Grampp called the show the harvest festival of the breeders, emphasized the good relationship with the district veterinarian Andreas Koller. While the mayor of Neudrossenfeld, Harald Hubner (CSU), singled out the local breeders’ association as the host for special praise. And honorary chairman Manfred Kull was pleased that the breeder future still has substance despite some difficulties and the youth shows interest.

The results

With the mark “excellent were awarded: Paul Hubner from Bayreuth on Saxon ducks blue-yellow and Dwarf Brahma silver-colored; Rainer Roder from Eckersdorf on Emerald ducks black and Dwarf ducks coarse-pied; Michel Konrad from Mainleus on Mechelner gesperbert; Michael Herold from Mainleus on Welsumer rusty partridge; Erhard Hildner from Presseck on Dwarf Barnevelder pipsqueak; Dieter Haensel from Mainleus on Coburger Lerchen silver with patches; Hardy Gantke from Mainleus on Texaner black; Horst Hartmann from Lindau on Luchstauben red; Franz Zechmann from Bayreuth on Show Racer blue; Manfred Kull from Neudrossenfeld on Deutsche Modeneser Schietti black; Hans Stubinger from Hutschdorf on Vorburger Schildkropfer red; Konrad Hosch from Thurnau on Gimpeltauben; Andreas Maier from Zultenberg on Thuringer Schnippen black; Uwe Langhammer from Bayreuth on Deutsche Doppelkuppige Trommeltauben; Hansjurgen Grampp from Mainleus on Kollner Tummler white; Patrick Ulbrich from Thurnau on Oriental Roller black; Gerhard Pfeiffer from Burghaig on Regensburger Tummler yellow; Marcel Eichner from Neudrossenfeld on Dwarf Barnevelder white; Jonas Ulbrich on Arabian drum pigeons white and Nele Ruger on Figurita Movchen white (both from Thurnau and from the breeder youth). District champion 2018: Large and water fowl: Rainer Roder. Chickens: Klaus Konrad. Dwarf chickens: Andreas Merz. Pigeons: Hans Stubinger. District club champion: GZV Neudrossenfeld with 3845 points ahead of KTZV Thurnau with 3806 points. Federal plaque: Paul Hubner. District association honorable mention: Michael Konrad. District association honorable mention: Hardy Gantke and Elmar Hubner. Youth district champions 2018: Marcel Eichner and Jonas Ulbrich. Federal youth badge: Nele Ruger. District Youth Cup: Robin Zimmermann and Nathalie Becke.

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