An unexpected championship title

An unexpected championship title

On the weekend, the Rogner martial arts school in Ebern held a black belt examination in kickboxing in the gymnasium of the Ebern high school. After weeks of preparation in training, the athletes had to prove their skills. A total of eight athletes from Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia were there. But not all of them passed the exam.
Hand and foot techniques were on the program, as well as fall school and self-defense. It was important to make as few mistakes as possible. The athletes were tested by Harald Rogner (martial arts school Ebern, 10. Dan Kickboxing), Werner Hirz (Kickboxing School Dorfen, 3. Dan Kickboxing) and Dietmar Schild (Kickboxing School TV Ochsenfurt, 3. Dan Jiu Jitsu).

Sven Muller passes the test

Niclas Plaschke (Tutzing) and Jorg Marx (Oberthal) each took first place in the “Christmas in a Shoebox” campaign. Andreas Jurantis (Munich) managed the second master degree. Stefan Muller from the Rogner martial arts school took up the challenge to become the fourth Dan in kickboxing. Muller mastered the test with flying colors and achieved his goal.

Surprise for Sven Rogner

He had chosen teammate Sven Rogner as his examination partner. At the end of the examination there was a surprise – Sven Rogner was also – without knowing it – taken the fifth Dan. He showed the achievement, which was necessary for it and received the higher master degree.

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