Bad bruckenau: sports bowlers want to go to the station

Bad Bruckenau: Sports bowlers want to go to the station

In the next 14 days there should be a discussion between the representatives of the city Bad Bruckenau and the sport bowling club (SKV). That promised 2. Mayor Jurgen Pfister (PWG) and 3. Mayor Dieter Seban (CSU) at the end of the information event to which the bowlers had invited in the bowling alley of the Sinnflut thermal baths.

Due to the upcoming renovations, the bowlers will have to give up these rooms in the foreseeable future. The search for a new domicile has been driving them for years – so far without results. Now movement is to come into the thing. Chairman Bernd Hormann, together with Katja Niklaus, presented the previous efforts and current considerations as well as the activities of the club.

It is now three years ago that the board of the SKV Bad Bruckenau was surprised by the planned construction measures of the Sinnflut Therme and the associated termination of the lease agreement. The SKV should leave its long-time and traditional home of the bowling alley when the reconstruction begins. “With this news, a time full of promises, hope, confidence, but also a time full of setbacks, uncertainty up to hopelessness began”, Hormann looked back.

Efforts so far in vain

Internal meetings were held and a large number of discussions were held, fundraising campaigns were launched, potential properties were inspected and mergers with other clubs were considered. “Unfortunately all measures and efforts made so far remained without success.” Neither a fusion with the FC Bad Bruckenau nor a new building on the municipal property in Romershag brought perspectives.

The women’s team, which plays in the fourth-highest league, the Landesliga Nord, must have a facility with at least four lanes – these are the specifications, Hormann explained. In the plan of the city to redesign the old station area, the club sees a new – possibly last option – to secure the future of the club and thus to preserve one of the flagships of Bad Bruckenau.

Already in 2017, the SKV had negotiated with the Bahn AG and had been put off with the planned sale to the city of Bad Bruckenau. Representatives of the club took part in the citizens’ workshop on the redesign of the area and convinced the citizens of the idea of accommodating the bowling alley in the old station area.

Using the former goods hall

“The bowling alley is represented in seven of eight developed proposals in the station area. The statement of the planning office that “bowling is a private matter and has nothing to do with the city” is all the more surprising, said Hormann. In the framework plan for the station area, the demolition of the goods hall is planned, instead a bicycle parking lot with bicycle service station and e-bike charging station should be built.

The station building is to be redesigned with a snack bar, public toilets and recreation areas. Now the SKV has incorporated all these specifications into its own plan, with the difference that the goods hall remains standing, because it is almost perfect for the installation of four bowling alleys due to its length and width.

Training temporarily somewhere else

“The hall could thus be preserved and used anew. All in the Workshop demanded and desired uses of the building and area were taken up”, Hormann emphasized. One part would be the responsibility of the SKV and one part would be the responsibility of the city of Bad Bruckenau. In Hormann’s eyes, this was an ideal combination, as the club had already been promised 85 percent funding from the Bavarian State Sports Association. “We are ready to rebuild the old station. It is our favored solution, which we can afford. Ideal would be a combination with subsidies, which will be available to the city of Bad Bruckenau.”

The deputy mayor Pfister appreciated the work of the SKV and assured the responsible persons that the city knows about the importance of the bowling sport. However, he expressed concerns about the timetable, but was open to further talks. Seban also saw problems. Where with the association, if the Sinnflut is redeveloped and a new domicile is not yet ready?

Also for this the SKV had a solution. Temporarily, training could take place in Bad Neustadt or Schweinfurt. However, this is only feasible if the club members are aware that it is a transitional phase and they get a perspective in Bad Brueckenau.

About the SKV Bad Bruckenau:

Review The SKV Bad Bruckenau was founded in 1960 and celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. In 2014, the club underwent a fundamental change: The 1. Women’s team and coach of ESV Schweinfurt moved to Bad Bruckenau after its dissolution. The youth has been reorganized and investments have been made in the training of new coaches. The SKV has the highest density of trainers in Bavaria with one A, two B and four C trainers. In the course of the past six years, it has been possible to double the number of active members and to increase the number of young people to 16.

Teams The club currently has 100 members. The following teams have been registered for the upcoming playing season: a women’s team in the northern regional league, the first men’s team in the northern district league, the second men’s team in the northern district class and a youth team. In the past six years, the club has achieved considerable success in team and individual competitions in Bavaria and Germany. With 15-year-old Emma Hormann, the club has a junior player in the Bavarian state squad.

Bowling alley The bowling alley not only serves competitive purposes, but also offers attractive recreational opportunities for the population: Hobby and recreational bowlers have been welcome guests at the SKV for decades. The club makes its lanes available for company and department parties, especially Christmas parties. The sports facility has also been rented out for celebrations within the family. In recent years, the secondary school has used the “Sport nach eins” (Sports after One) program the bowling alley. Likewise, the sports facility is a popular destination on hiking days. The most common reason for train rentals is currently children’s birthdays. More than 60 requests reach the club on average per year.

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