Bezirksliga oberfranken: u13 of the rvc steinwiesen does well

Bezirksliga Oberfranken: U13 of the RVC Steinwiesen does well

After a newly formed U13 youth cycling team of the cycling club Concordia (RVC) Steinwiesen with Hanna Schmittdorsch and Max Smettane had recently taken up the fight for points at the first match day in the district league Upper Franconia, the first home match day was now on the agenda. While there was one win and one draw at the start of the season, there was now a match-winning performance and three more points without a fight. Thus, the RVC continues to occupy the fifth place in the table in the field of seven participants.

In the first match of the day, the young cyclists showed a quite appealing performance. Although it was not enough against the third-ranked Soli Eisenbuhl to win, but the defeat with 1:2 was not only close, the RVC could also cheer a goal.

As expected, there was nothing to inherit against the sovereign and still unbeaten leader RVC Bugkunstadt (0:7). But with 4:1 Schmittdorsch and Smettane trumped against the second team of Burgkunstadt. Three more points were added without a fight, because the team from Bischberg did not show up.

Against the ATS Kulmbach Steinwiesen was initially 0:1 behind. After Hanna Schmittdorsch marked the 1:1 equalizer with a remarkable solo effort, the lead was even in the air. But a four-meter penalty shot could not be used. On the contrary: the rebound led to a counterattack and to the Kulmbach lead, which was extended to 3:1 in the course of the game.

The Steinwiesen newcomers lost 0:3 against the second-placed team from Gaustadt.

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