Daphne de luxe hosts “ladies night

Daphne de Luxe hosts 'Ladies Night

The stand-up comedienne Daphne de Luxe, who comes from Kronach, will take over the hosting of the legendary cabaret show “Ladies Night” from 2019, alternating with her colleagues Lisa Feller and Meltem Kaptan (Das Erste/WDR).

After twelve years of “Ladies Night Gerburg Jahnke has decided to pass on the job of host at the turn of the year. The moderation of the first and only comedy and cabaret show with an all-female cast on German-language television will then be taken over by Daphne de Luxe, Lisa Feller and Meltem Kaptan.

Daphne de Luxe, a native of Upper Franconia, is looking forward to the task with awe: “Sometimes I still can’t believe it myself. When I appeared on Ladies Night for the first time a few years ago, it was a special honor for me. To be able to follow in the huge footsteps of Gerburg Jahnke together with her colleagues will be a special challenge, she has achieved so much for us women on comedy and cabaret stages. I am in awe and grateful at the same time and am very much looking forward to this new task.”

Daphne de Luxe (civil name: Daphne Haderlein) was born in March 1971 in Kronach, Germany. After graduating from high school, she studied to become a certified foreign language correspondent (English, French, Spanish). Since December 1991, the improvisation talent is full-time at home and abroad on stage.

Musically she presents a mix of swing, pop and chanson

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