District of forchheim: still too little snow for winter sports in franconian switzerland

District of Forchheim: Still too little snow for winter sports in Franconian Switzerland

While communities in Upper Bavaria and Austria are groaning under the masses of snow, the communities in the district of Forchheim are eagerly hoping that it will finally snow. “The ski lifts in Muggendorf and Draisendorf are ready for use, but the snow is missing”, regrets Anita Sollner of the tourist office of the market Wiesenttal.

Not even tobogganing is possible on the “Schweinsleite on the “Draisendorf slope currently possible. The snow cover is simply too low. Although the ski friends Wustenstein have built the ski lift, but from white splendor no trace. This week, the German Technical Inspection Agency (TuV) inspected the lift and demanded improvements. To be settled over the weekend.

Ski hut in operation

Whether it is already enough for sledding on the weekend remains to be seen. This, so chairman Daniel Borchert, depends on the one hand on the snow situation, on the other hand on whether its comrades-in-arms manage to fulfill the official editions. But the ski hut at the foot of the almost 300-meter-long ski slope will probably be in operation.

Also waiting for snow are the Muggendorf board fans, who installed a ski lift at their 50-meter-high and 200-meter-long local mountain. But more than two, three centimeters of snow there is not here at the moment. Also the ski club Spies in the municipality Betzenstein does not go it better. Their lift is approved by the TuV and would be ready for use. “But the ground is simply too muddy “, regrets Hans-Jurgen Gradl, vice chairman of the ski club.

The cross-country skiers also lack snow. In the market town of Heiligenstadt, once a center of cross-country skiing, mayor Helmut Kramer (Unity/CSU) describes the situation as follows: “The market place is sugar-coated, but nothing more.” And he adds: “The climate change is clearly noticeable. So it was a right decision to sell the cross-country skiing track of the municipality.”

Too volatile

For lack of snow it remains for the time being also a dream to explore on cross-country skis the area around Wohlmuthshull and Kanndorf. Brigitte Kaspari from the tourist office in Gobweinstein: “The weather on the Jura plateau is simply too changeable.

While it snowed heavily in Affalterthal on Wednesday, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland, here in Goessweinstein there is not even five centimeters of snow. And it’s already thawing again.”

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