Ebern – pfarrweisach: duel of the self-confident basement children

Ebern - Pfarrweisach: Duel of the self-confident basement children

The second double matchday of the Kreisliga Coburg is coming up next weekend, only the early game of the 8. Matchday between Grobgarnstadt and Heilgersdorf (5:2) has already been played.

A series of interesting encounters is on the program on Friday and Sunday. The current league leader SV Ketschendorf, for example, has difficult tasks ahead of it with the guest game at TSV Staffelstein and the home game against the strong promoted team SV Turkgucu Neustadt. Among other things, a chance for the third-placed VfB Einberg, who play twice at home (against Wustenahorn and SV Bosporus).

An unexpected basement duel on Friday with the game TV Ebern vs. TSV Pfarrweisach. However, both teams were able to score their first points of the season with a win last weekend and now naturally want to follow suit. The Tageblatt asked Ebern coach Jens Kapell before the important match. Mr. Kapell, after six defeats in a row, Ebern finally managed its first win on Sunday. Your team won 6:1 against Wustenahorn. How did this come about?

Jens Kapell: “That was a game in which a lot of things went right and we also had the necessary luck, which we had completely lacked before. We scored two goals early on and allowed little, then the game took its course and we deserved to win, even at that level.

It is particularly curious that your team scored only two goals before and has now scored six times. Can you explain?

Even in the last second half of the season, the absence of Simon Fischer was noticeable, as he was always on hand as a real scorer. But we also have young and good strikers who can score 10 to 15 goals a season. With the win in Wustenahorn everyone saw that we have it in us. That should give her self-confidence.

Was this now the initial spark to catch up?

Of course I hope so, and I’ve explained to the boys that we’ll have to step on the gas in training as well to keep up the pace. But on Friday Pfarrweisach probably has the same in mind as us. Moreover, it is a derby. I think it’s going to be a competitive match.

Keyword Pfarrweisach – last season there was a 9:1 victory at home. Is a similar spectacle to be expected?

Certainly not. It will certainly be a lot of struggle and perhaps also cramp. Both teams do not belong in these league positions in terms of quality and names and will try everything to climb up the ladder.

Coach Johannes Fischer threw in the towel on the fourth matchday. Is he still available as a player?

We are still in contact with Johannes and hope that he will lace up his shoes for us again. But we will certainly not push him. It is to take its time out and when it itself thinks the time is right, it is welcome to do so at any time. He is an important guy and we can always use him. Since his resignation Joachim Kraft supports me and is my right hand, because it is simply too much work alone.

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