End of a neustadt legend

End of a Neustadt legend

What began in 1923 with a small store for lemonade and confectionery, developed over generations into a real legend of the Neustadt retail trade. For decades, the name Golandsky stood for an unconventional range of products and opening hours that stretched the limits of what was permissible. At least. Now the cult store at Arnoldplatz closes. Peter Golandsky, owner in fifth generation, explains why.

“You would have had to live just in Nuremberg, with these goods”, he says. A store that offers Gothic jewelry and accessories on this area and in this selection, you will probably look in vain even in Nuremberg. “We had customers from London who said, “They don’t know anything like that at home either, says Peter Golandsky. But in Neustadt too few customers were looking for this offer, the walk-in customers of a big city pedestrian zone were missing. “And in Nuremberg to rent something is simply too expensive. This also does not pay off”, Peter Golandsky is convinced.

Ongoing change


The store has changed again and again in the more than 90 years of its existence – also structurally. To the confectionery came after the war alcohol and magazines. The assortment was constantly expanded. In the 1980s, when the law on closing times set strict limits, Harry Golandsky’s store saved many a late-night video night, as participants were often able to stock up on drinks, potato chips and the like even after 10 p.m. “The statute of limitations has expired. That’s why today you can say, so quite legal was not all”, says Peter Golandsky. The father had set up a restaurant at that time. It was allowed to open. The door across to the store was also open. This is how Neustadt – through the back door, so to speak – came to enjoy shopping facilities that the rest of the country was not to get until much later. You could count on Golandsky’s being open for business. “We have not been closed for a single day since 1974. There the father was once ill”, says Peter Golandsky and there is probably nothing more to say about it.

Later, with the young generation of Peter and Alexander, gothic jewelry, bongs, hookahs and accessories were added to the mix. To some, the store seemed to become a chamber of horrors, where strange skulls, cultic decorative weapons and the like could be bought. The business started well. Twice even in Coburg a branch was founded. But the work became hardly manageable and the yield did not keep pace with it.

Then came the trailer


When Peter Golandsky started to offer his assortment with a sales trailer at metal festivals and tattoo conventions in the 90’s, the work was hardly manageable. He would not have closed the store in Neustadt back then. “As long as the father lived, it would not have been possible.”, he says. The store was Harry Golandsky’s life. About three years ago he died. Shortly before death he advised his son: “Close the shop!” He understood that Peter alone would not be able to cope with the work.

New start in Prague


In the meantime, Alexander Golandsky’s path had led him in a different direction. As a shaman, voodoo master, spiritual healer, palm reader and hypnotist, he has attracted nationwide media attention and has since opened a spiritual practice in Prague.

So there is no one left to run the store when Peter Golandsky tours across Europe from festival to festival. “We close here and see how it goes on”, is therefore certain for him. At the end of the year is the end. The sale will run until mid-December – including the furnishings.

The business continues. What’s on offer at the festivals is put into storage. In addition to sales in the sales trailer, there will be an online store.

“Maybe there will be a store again someday, I don’t know”, says Peter Golandsky. He thus gives a little hope to all the Neustadern, for whom his name has always been associated with a cult store that is widely unparalleled.

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