Fc reserve misses many chances

FC Reserve misses many chances

At the beginning of the second round in the Kreisliga 2, FC Mitwitz II failed in a newcomer duel to get three important points in the fight for class preservation. The guest from Neufang took a point in the end.

FC Mitwitz II –
DJK-SV Neufang 1:1 (1:0)
The hosts started with commitment and put DJK under pressure right from the start. However, they almost fell behind after ten minutes, when TW Ari was already beaten, but Marcel Fohrweiser scratched the ball off the goal line. Afterwards, the game waved back and forth. In the 30. In the 10th minute, Stefan Muller made an energetic run down the left wing; his perfect cross was used by veteran Bohmer to make it 1:0. By the break, FC could have extended its lead, but Bohmer and Fischer failed to score against the strong TW Angles.
After the change, the hosts tried everything to score the 2:0, while the Neufangers drew attention to themselves with fast counterattacks. In the 77. In the 84th minute, the second goal should have been scored by the Bezirksliga reserve, but Johan Wrzyciel failed to score after Bohmer had done a fine job of preparing the ball and Angles reacted magnificently.
In the 84.In the second minute, it came as so often in soccer, when the superior team fails to close the bag: Engelhardt extended a corner kick with a direct shot to make it 1:1. The last chance of the game had again the Mitwitzer in the 94th minute.The game then swung back and forth until the 42nd minute, when a Stefan Bohmer free kick from an acute angle narrowly missed the far corner of the goal.

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