Fifa rejects game plan push by top clubs

FIFA rejects game plan push by top clubs

Earlier, Europe’s top 201 clubs presented a joint memorandum of understanding with UEFA at their general assembly in Warsaw that would see the abolition of August internationals and only double matchdays for national teams.

In addition, ECA chairman and Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said that discussions with FIFA had not been satisfactory so far. FIFA countered, already on 5. A working group is to find as unanimous a solution as possible for the future schedule on March 3. However, both Rummenigge and ECA secretary general Michele Centenaro would have declined the invitation to the meeting. The representatives of the club association had also failed to appear at other meetings. “This makes it difficult to make progress in the discussions with the European clubs,” FIFA wrote.

The world federation reminded of the fact that the play calendar must be used world-wide and alone the FIFA as rule authority for it is responsible. The goal is indeed a simplification. In addition to the interests of the clubs, the interests of the national associations and the players must also be taken into account. UEFA did not initially comment on the issue when asked.

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