Green thumbs up for nature

Green thumbs up for nature

Eckehard Kiesewetter “All Intentional, says Dirk Kammlott, referring to areas in his garden that other landowners might have long since killed off with a hoe or secateurs: At Silke and Dirk Kammlott’s home on the edge of the Jesserndorf district of Ebern, stinging nettle and wild herbs also have their place, and the withered bee pasture is allowed to remain. “Because it provides habitat for insects”, says the host as he leads a group of about 50 through his green paradise. There is plenty of blooming beauty to admire, but also lush splendor of vegetables and fruits. A prime example of how the district consultants Guntram Ulsamer and Johannes Bayer envision a residential and kitchen garden according to ecological standards.

A necessity

It is clear that this paradise has won an award in the “Nature in the Garden” competition deserves. The district association for horticulture and land care Hassberge has announced the competition for the third time. It is intended to sensitize the population, including garden owners not organized in an association, to the need for natural garden management and to highlight positive examples.

Not only Dirk Kammlott, a professional gardener in Ebern, but 30 other garden owners have earned a plaque made of clay this year because they see their property as a natural habitat for people and nature.

The Kammlotts’ garden provides the perfect backdrop for the “award ceremony” with hens clucking and geese chattering in the background, at which District Administrator Wilhelm Schneider praised the “outstanding quality and diversity of the award-winning gardens” appreciated – from the small house garden in the new building area over the living and use garden in the external area up to the multiform nature and use garden. Food source for self-supporters and biotope in one. The district administrator attributes the award-winning gardens exemplary character because they rely on site-typical and robust plants, compost and recycling management as well as native materials and building materials. Chemical synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are frowned upon in these gardens. “Here you can feel diversity and creativity”, praises Schneider – no monotonous, sterile green spaces, weed-free lawns, hedges of exotic wood or graveled areas. “It must be our common goal to live in a healthy living environment and at the same time to create habitat and food supply for our animal world”.

“Theme missed”

With 32 registrations from the entire district the competition had found pleasingly large resonance from view of the technical advisors. The 30 winning gardens are honored in words and pictures at the ceremony.

What the district administrator fails to mention: For the first time, the jury, made up of representatives from the district office, the horticultural district association and the Bund Naturschutz, refused to award prizes to two applicants. Commission saw too much fortification, over maintenance, decapitated trees. “Missed the point”, is Guntram Ulsamer’s verdict: “proud owners, all beautiful, but not close to nature”. The competition must remain credible.

The gardens of the following participants met the competition requirements: Stefanie Brantner, Kleinsteinach; Achim Elsner and Melanie Strohschon, Eichelsdorf; Maria and Werner Florschutz, Unterpreppach; Irmgard and Reinhard Frontzek, Rugheim; Marie-Luise and Oswald Gerstenkorn, Koppenwind; Theresia and Jurgen Groh, Unterpreppach; Silvia Hafner, Eltmann; Marion and Patrick Hanus, Ebern; Isolde Pager, Pfarrweisach; Stefanie and Thomas Hohn, Untermerzbach; Silke and Dirk Kammlott, Jesserndorf; Eberhard Kirchner, Eichelsdorf; Klaus and Regina Kunze, Lubberg; Elke Kurz and Karl Fischbach, Untersteinbach; Irmi and Michael Markert, Stettfeld; Elke and Volker Ortloff, Sailershausen; Gabriele and Mike Redelberger, Ottendorf; Margitta and Rolf Rink, Ermershausen; Eva and Gerd Rugheimer, Konigsberg; Katrin Schauer and Eckehard Kiesewetter, Bramberg; Stephanie and Alexander Schnaus, Wulflingen; Dietmar Schneeweib, Hafenpreppach; Manuela and Hans-Dieter Schneider, Theres; Karl Seifert, Sand; Hildegard and Herbert Thein, Unterpreppach; Gabriele and Werner Ullmann, Ebern; Liselotte Vogt, Wonfurt; Tony and Klaus Voit, Westheim; Hermann Will, Holzhausen, and Tina and Markus Wuscher from Hainert.

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