Herzogenaurach walked new cultural paths in 2018

Herzogenaurach walked new cultural paths in 2018

The city broke new ground this year with its annual cultural focus events. Instead of the previous culture days, which were basically rather culture weeks, they organized a coherent culture festival lasting several days. And the topics have also changed. While the selection of the last years referred to the different points of the compass, from now on a catchword is given at the culture festival. This year it was the revolution, next year the imagination will be called upon.

Pure culture

The hin&herzo cultural festival took place at the end of September in the main street, on the market square and in the castle courtyard. Three and a half days of pure culture in every nook and cranny of the city center.

For the first time, one can be very satisfied, although “we also want to learn and get better.” This is how Helmut Biehler, the head of culture at Herzogenaurach City Hall, summed up the event. 210 artists were in action during the three days of the event. The number of visitors was estimated at around 5000, including “many new faces” were discovered in the region.

Looking forward to 2019

A positive mood also prevailed among the local politicians in the post-event review; everyone is looking forward to the continuation in 2019. The late date in the year is to be retained, not least so as not to compete with the numerous summer events.

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