Itzgrund local council moved the meeting table outdoors

Itzgrund local council moved the meeting table outdoors

The municipal council “on tour”: various places in the municipal area were approached. Thus the underpass of the B 4 to the new building area Kapellenfeld. The bridge would be in need of renovation. However, it will be demolished and rebuilt in 2020. As Mayor Werner Thomas (SPD) explained, this gives the community the opportunity to obtain a six-meter-wide passage with a sidewalk. This increases the clarity. Construction time is estimated to be half a year. The costs are estimated at up to 800,000 euros, with a 70-percent subsidy in question.

In the adjacent “Kapellenfeld” development area a noise barrier is currently being built to reduce traffic noise from the B 4 highway. Currently, Thomas said, of the 19 building plots, 16 have been sold and construction activity is in full swing.

For the core path program announced

The core path from Lohhof to Merkendorf is nearing completion. 95 percent are finished. “It looks very pleasing”, according to the mayor. The community link road has a width of 3.50 meters and on both sides there is a load-bearing verge of one meter, and there are also passing points. Actually it is an agricultural way, Thomas emphasized. He hopes that the construction measure can still be settled this year. Another core path, namely the one from the Aussiedlerhof on the height of Herreth in the direction of Puchitz, is also to be renewed with a section on a width of 3.50 meters. The trail was submitted for the core trails program to receive funding.

The copper engraver, a type of bark beetle, has struck in a small community-owned forest near Herreth. Most of the spruces have withered. A complete utilization is planned. That’s why the mayor is promoting a work-up by community citizens. The firewood can be acquired free of charge, the brushwood must be taken outside the forest to be burned eventually. Already 17 applications have been received by the municipality, which will be divided into eight lots. Thomas: “You have to reckon with the fact that our coniferous forests are disappearing.”

Wish shall be fulfilled

Finally, the group of council members took a look at the municipal cemetery in Gleuben. There on desire of the citizens a half-anonymous and anonymous burial form is to be made possible. The committee was not opposed to this. An area still to be redesigned in the lower part of the wall is planned for this purpose. At the same time, a funeral bell is to be installed at the funeral parlor.

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