Kleinlangheim community forest in good condition

Kleinlangheim community forest in good condition

After several members of the municipal council and also a building yard employee joined in the new election period, Mayor Gerlinde Stier and the municipal council decided to find out more about the community-owned forest in one of the next meetings. The managing director of the Kitzingen forestry association w.V., Dieter Rammensee, who has a forest maintenance contract with the municipality and manages the area of the hunting bow “Am Damm” for the market Kleinlangheim hunts, took over according to a press release the guidance by the forest.

After the existing hunting leases expired in 2016, he explained how and to whom the areas of the hunting bows were reallocated. The Eigenjagdrevier is divided into three stalking districts. The hunters have precise guidelines for the amount of the shooting numbers. Ramensee’s goal, the release says, is to reduce browsing damage to ensure natural regeneration and forest health. For 2020, the number of firings is 39 and has already been met. The result of the consistent hunting is now already clearly visible in the forest stand.

Natural regeneration is also clearly evident at several sites, Rammensee said, with natural seeding of acorns attributed to the jay, which has also buried seeds of sweet chestnuts. These have already taken off, the press release says. In 2011, targeted acorns were milled in, which are now growing vigorously. In natural regeneration, the critical growth height of 20 centimeters, especially for oaks, has been exceeded in recent years in the area of clearings.

Excess supply on the timber market

There are about 15 tree species in the Kleinlangheim forest, such as oak, hornbeam, cherry and ash. Due to the drought, spruce is becoming increasingly scarce, informed Rammensee. The sale on the timber market has become difficult, according to the report, because the last three dry years in the region have resulted in a lot of damaged wood, which has led to an oversupply. In addition, the Chinese market has almost completely collapsed, which has had an effect on the price of wood due to falling demand. The interest in pine wood has decreased significantly, he reported. It is mainly requested for the processing to pallets. According to Rammensee, the demand for valuable timber such as oak is still stable, but due to the costly removal of damaged timber, only a small amount of valuable timber has been felled.

All in all, the years of drought as well as various diseases are causing problems for the forest, he summarized. Individual tree species, such as oak, can cope better with these conditions. Nevertheless, the community forest is according to Rammensee in a good condition, whereby no monoculture, but a healthy mixed forest is aimed at. Self-hunting should be maintained for a few more years for the good of the forest, the statement says.

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