Moated castle mitwitz is on the test bench

Moated castle Mitwitz is on the test bench

It is idyllic – without a doubt. A fairy-tale castle, beautiful outdoor facilities. But does the Mitwitz moated castle meet the safety regulations for the individual events that are held there??

The fact that something could happen there – one might not even think of it at the sight. But you have to – after all, in the past year alone, around 80 events took place in the various rooms of the moated castle – the best known is certainly the Christmas market.

District councilor Albert Rubel (CSU) has already thought about this and asked about the safety precautions in a district committee meeting (we reported). “I was told that there was not even a second escape route. This would not be okay in any way, because the county holds many events there. I feel a responsibility there as a district councilor”, Rubel explained at the time. District Administrator Oswald Marr (SPD) appeased. The escape routes are definitely available, only technical installations such as a sprinkler system are missing. “That is why the fire department is always called in for larger events”, says the district administrator.

When asked again, Stefan Schneider, spokesman for the district office, explained that the district is commissioning an expert opinion, which will then also be discussed in the district committees.

Background: In 1977, the district carried out renovation, restoration and revitalization measures in accordance with the valid building permit. In three construction phases, total costs of more than seven million Marks were spent on it. In 1988, the work was completed.

More intensive use

“All construction measures had to be harmonized with the high requirements for the preservation of historical monuments. This also concerns the escape and rescue routes”, according to Schneider. There are three such paths on the first floor. The first and second floor would each be accessed via the two existing stair towers.

Because the upper floor is now used more intensively or is to be used more in the future, for example for civil weddings of the Mitwitz market or for events of the Mitwitz tourist association, the district is now considering optimizing the situation of the escape and rescue routes.
This would require a corresponding expert opinion. This will determine the extent to which a technical implementation for extended escape and rescue routes is necessary and feasible.

An inspection with a member of the circle fire inspection rejected the district administration office however, that is “at present not goal-prominent”. The circle fire inspection is to “in the context of the conversion of the appraisal which can be provided” but to be involved accordingly. This is also confirmed by district fire inspector Harald Schnappauf, who is responsible for statements in the field of structural fire protection and for preventive fire protection in the district. Only after the fire protection concept is available, he could give information on the situation, he explained on request.

Which criteria apply in the matter of fire protection for the surge tank, can not be said sweepingly, so Stefan Schneider. This varies from venue to venue, depending on the respective use, the type of event and the number of people.

The mayor of Mitwitz, Hans-Peter Laschka (CSU), hopes for quick results from the expert opinion and a corresponding implementation, after all “the market Mitwitz still has a great interest in continuing to use the moated castle”.

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