New car for the fire brigade

The Burgpreppach volunteer fire department will receive a new fire engine, an auxiliary fire-fighting group vehicle (an HLF10). It is to replace the LH 16, which is now over 40 years old. The district fire chief Ralf Dressel presented the new vehicle, which is listed at 320,000 euros, at the recent meeting of the town council. The Free State of Bavaria gives 87 000 euro subsidy. Savings can also be achieved by transferring equipment from the existing vehicle to the new one.

The vehicle should be ordered still 2019, because after it no more permission for the procurement of a fire-fighting vehicle under the exhaust gas euro standard VI is pronounced. “We can then just no longer to delete in the cities of Stuttgart or Munich purely”, remarked the local councillor Reinhold Klein with a wink. The decision for a new vehicle fell clearly, even if in the meantime the procurement of a used vehicle was in the room.

No objections gave it that fire-brigade service members, to whom for 40 years employment in the fire-brigade a free vacation in a recreation home in Bayrischgmein is awarded, may take also their partner along. Such a vacation lasts a week, the municipality will in future bear the 250 euros extra cost in each case.

Without significant discussion, the accountability report for the annual accounts 2017 was approved. In the name of the cash auditors had confirmed deputy mayor Gunther Stottele an impeccable accounting.

New council member

There was a change at the council table in the local council Burgpreppach. Markus Schorn will change professionally for the next years to the United States (USA). Therefore he leaves the local council. His place is taken by Willi Ebert from Hohnhausen. He is no stranger to the council, as he has been a member of the council before and, in addition to farming, also works in the community forestry business. The new member of the municipal council was sworn in by mayor Hermann Niediek. Markus Schorn was bid farewell with thanks for his dedicated work in the council.

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