Olympiad is to bring fire department new generation

Olympiad is to bring fire department new generation

This year marks 125 years since the volunteer fire department was founded in the Langensendelbach district of Brauningshof. For their anniversary, the people of Brauningshofn took the opportunity to host the annual district fire brigade day. This included the Youth Olympics, where the firefighter trainees competed in a total of ten stations and a “Joker exercise” were able to demonstrate their skill in using the firefighting equipment.

140 young people between the ages of twelve and 18 had signed up for it. They came from 19 of the 126 county fire departments and the one plant fire department in the county. The young firefighters competed in target spraying, rolling out a hose and tying rescue knots.

The two groups of the youth fire brigade from Langensendelbach, which took first and third place, finally came out on top this year. The young firefighters from Russelbach took second and fourth place in the competition. These first four teams may compete in the district decision on 13. October in Burgebrach to hold up the flags of the district of Forchheim.

“Loschzwerge” in action

Klaus Sreball is the youth fire brigade warden for the district of Forchheim and was naturally pleased with the enthusiasm for action and also the skills of the young firefighters. Nevertheless he puts his forehead in serious folds, if one asks him about the youth work in the fire departments:” There we feel already the demographic development in the district. And then the school also leaves the young people less and less room for their free time.” Some firefighters in the district are fighting this development by founding children’s groups for boys and girls up to twelve years of age.

Sreball considers also the fire-technical training as well as a fire protection education in the schools for suitable means, in order to be able to damp the new generation worries of the fire departments somewhat. Andreas Greif, youth leader with the fire-brigade Gosberg, has recently also good experiences with the so-called “Loschzwergen groups” made.

There, children between the ages of seven and twelve can do all the things a firefighter just does. The Gosberg “firefighting dwarves currently consist of eleven boys and girls. The issue of young firefighters has also been burning on the nails of district fire chief Reinhardt Polster for a long time. “Finally it concerns that also in the future the work of the Freiwilligen fire departments in the district is to ensure”, says Polster.

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