Petra rubin is back in her old form

Petra Rubin is back in her old form

Weak start, but then improved: At the beginning it didn’t look good for the ladies of the TTC against the Ebersdorf reserve, but in the end there is an 8:5 home victory.

Upper Franconian League, Ladies

TTC Neunkirchen – TV Ebersdorf II 8:5

In the first Oberfrankenliga home game, the points remained at Brandbach. The ladies of TTC Neunkirchen defeated TV Ebersdorf II with 8:5. However, the match did not start promisingly for them, especially since the guests from the Coburg region were able to win both doubles.

The duo Derfuss/Lin should have scored against Schupferling/Spindler: They were already leading 8:5 in the fifth set, but lost 9:11. In her first singles match, Sonja Derfuss showed a strong attack and swept Melanie Schirm off the board in three short sets. The duel with the lively Ute Friedel was much more exciting. With alternating set wins, Neunkirchen made everything clear in the fifth set with 11:9. In the third singles match the no. 1 of the TTC with Katrin Schupferling in only three sets cat and mouse. Petra Rubin was in a very good mood, had obviously already put her injury to bed and captured three points.

The captain played a clever game against Ute Friedel, catching her opponent on the wrong foot one after the other and winning 3:1. The pimpled surface of Melanie Schirm was no obstacle for the experienced player from Neunkirchen. She won confidently, also against Katrin Schupferling.

Compared to the season premiere in Unterlauter, Ute Lin was unrecognizable and contributed two important points. She only lost to the no.1 Ute Friedel unfortunate in the fifth set with 11:13. Minling Liao will not be available to the TTC until the end of the year due to knee surgery. Annika Kuhl stepped in for her. The 16-year-old (still) came away empty-handed, but in the doubles with Petra Rubin she showed that she can keep up in this league. Very narrowly the youngest lost against Sabine Spindler in the fourth set. FI

2. District league, men

RMV Strullendorf – SpVgg Jahn Forchheim 5:9

The Forchheimers start the new season with an away win. However, the match was much closer than the 9:5 victory suggests. Already in the entrance doubles two plays went over the full distance. Especially the top doubles Schurr/Weiss from Forchheim were not able to win the match when they were trailing 0:4 in the 5th set. Strullendorf was on the verge of its first defeat in almost a year, but managed to avoid it with a narrow 11:9 win.
The embarrassment doubles with Richard Bittan and Christoph Lotzsch, who replaced the still injured newcomer Oli Krause, could surprise with a smooth victory over Lengenfelder/Lerch and provide for a 2:1 lead.

In the front pair Lothar Schlapp proved with a clear success over Helmut Barth, why he was one of the best players of the 3. Bundesliga last year. District league belonged. Surprising was the victory of Uwe Bartelt over the clearly favored Michael Schurr, whom he left no chance especially in the last sets with his attacking play.

In the following matches, the Jahn team was able to pull away, even though the matches between Walter Weiss and Alfred Lengenfelder as well as Helmut Barth against Uwe Bartelt could have gone to the home team in the deciding set can. Finally Walter Weiss and Richard Bittan closed the bag with their second single victory and took the points to Forchheim. ft

3. Bezirksliga, Men

SpVgg Heroldsbach – SAC Kemmern 7:9

In the first match of the new season, the SpVgg had to accept an extremely narrow 7:9 defeat on their own tables. With the opening doubles, SpVgg/DJK took a surprising 2-1 lead with wins by Peter Buttner/Benjamin Prade and Wolfgang Heigl/Heiko Patz. Gunther Muller/Werner Kugler had no chance to win against the top doubles Friedmann/Rodenbusch and lost 1:3. In the front pair cross Peter Buttner against the very strongly playing Rodenbusch even extended the lead of the guests to 3:1, while Gunther Muller against no.1 of the guests clearly lost. In the middle pair Wolfgang Heigl was unstoppable and won both singles against Dorsch and Stim with 3:0. Benjamin Prade delivered a great match against Stim, but had to concede the win in the fifth set 9:11. Against Dorsch won B. Prade 3:1.

In the back pair Heiko Patz won 3:1 against Hansky and lost 0:3 against Mark, while Werner Kugler lost against Mark (0:3) and against Hansky (0:3). In the second round both games in the first pair cross went to the guests from Kemmern. P. Buttner lost to Friedmann 6:11 in the decisive set, and G. Muller lost to Rodenbusch 1:3. The hosts could not hold on to a 7:6 lead. The last double was a thriller. Buttner/Prade lost to the top doubles team Friedmann/Rodenbusch in the deciding set 6:1. Thus the 7:9 defeat was certain.

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