Rauhe ebrach should get new spawning grounds

The Bad Kissingen Water Management Office wants to renaturalize a section of the Rauhe Ebrach in Untersteinbach. About it Frank Pillhofer informed the local council Rauhenebrach in its meeting on Tuesday.

In order to be able to carry out the measure, the Free State would also have to acquire some land along the watercourse “because we basically only build on our own land”, Pillhofer explained. He is responsible for the supervision of water bodies in the water management office.

Pillhofer explained the plans, which are primarily intended to improve the ecological condition of the Rauhe Ebrach. One main focus is on the passability of the waters for fish and other aquatic life. The Rauhe Ebrach has several falls or cataracts, especially on this section past Untersteinbach. “On the one hand, this brings oxygen into the water, but for many creatures in the water they are an obstacle”, explained Pillhofer.

Brook course is changed

Among other things, polders and sandbanks are planned, which would create new spawning grounds. On a section the brook course would be changed completely, because it leads there like a channel closely along a corridor way. “The trail relocation is good for the water body and for the trail, especially since the canal is in the trail,”, said Pillhofer.

Mayor Matthias Bauerlein could only recommend the municipal council to approve the measure, because the renaturation of the Rauhe Ebrach is also a central concern of the village renewal and land consolidation. Whenever he applies for a new project at the Office for Rural Development, he is always asked what is actually happening in this area.

However, no decision was made on Tuesday. Pillhofer’s visit was for information only.

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