Renovation concept for district culture room changed

Renovation concept for district culture room changed

Time is running out. Because by the 30. In November, the grant application must be received by the Bavarian state government in order to apply for the subsidies for the renovation of the district culture room. And these are considerable. “We are hoping for a 60 percent subsidy.”, said District Administrator Oswald Marr (SPD) at the meeting of the School and Culture Committee.

The modified renovation concept and the vote on it had become necessary, because now subsidies from the cultural fund of the government and the Upper Franconia Foundation are in prospect.
The sticking points of the renovation are the seating situation and the associated comfort for the spectators, as well as the ventilation of the room. Other points include a lifting platform in the orchestra pit, stage and sound technology, and a possible portal extension in the stage area. The district councilors agreed to all changes, except for the widening of the stage.

This results in additional costs of 550,000 euros compared to the cost estimate from August. In total, the renovation would cost around 5.6 million euros. If Marr’s hope is fulfilled that there will be subsidies of 60 percent, then about 2.2 million euros will remain with the district. Sabine Porzel and Andre Volk of the architecture office Spindler+ explained the changes of the past concept to the council members, on the basis a power point presentation. When explanations were needed, district cultural officer Gisela Lang intervened. The district councilors agreed on the reduction of the seating to a maximum of 510 seats in favor of more seating comfort and legroom. “510 seats are completely sufficient for our needs”, said Marr. The biggest advantage is the 90 centimeter distance to the next row of chairs and wider chairs of 56 centimeters (previously 52).

In order to realize this solution, the entire concrete floor in the interior would have to be removed and rebuilt, mainly for structural reasons. A new ventilation for the interior goes along with the changed seating. Together, the additional costs for this amount to around 260,000 euros.

However, the new seating eliminates the side railing. A significant disadvantage for the elderly and people with disabilities. Here Werner Steiner of the district office suggested to purchase special chairs with a handle, as they are available in some trains of the railroad.

The orchestra pit, which has so far been used only very rarely, is to receive a lifting platform at a cost of approximately 50,000 euros. This shortens the conversion time from several days to a few hours.
The extension of the stage rejected the councils, since the costs for a minimum improved view of the lateral chair rows would be too expensive.

“Save these 100,000 euros. We prefer to put these into the stage technology”, says Werner Steiner, head of the district’s construction department. From the ranks of the councils also came the question of whether a new building would not be cheaper than the redevelopment. “A new building would be significantly more expensive than the approximately six million euros”, says architect Volk. In addition, there would be no funding for this, Steiner added.

If everything goes according to plan, demolition work could begin next April. In the fall of 2015, the construction work should be completed, so that in December can be played and sung again. After the meeting, cultural officer Lang hurried over to the district culture room. She was visibly relieved by the positive decision of the council.

Pupil transport and new stove for vocational school

New oven On the agenda was the purchase of a new oven for the bakery department of the vocational school. The 30 year old stove could not be repaired due to economic reasons. In addition, he is technically no longer up to date. The cost of the new device was estimated at around 50,000 euros.

School transportation The problem of overcrowded trains for school transportation in the district was also a topic of discussion in the committee. The special bus used at lunchtime on Fridays will run until 15. December paid by the railroad. Then come the new timetables. “I hope it works there”, said Marr. The district administrator explained the responsibilities for school transportation and emphasized that the district has little influence: “We only buy the tickets, said Marr, summarizing the situation as follows: “We can control and rebel for the students, but we have no influence.”

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