Rosler wants to soften nature conservation for network expansion

Rosler wants to soften nature conservation for network expansion

“We have to talk to the EU about this. Talks are already underway at the technical level,” the minister responsible for network expansion told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Thursday).

“Here it concerns above all the Fauna Flora Habitat as well as the bird protection guideline. We have to take care of that.”Everyone involved must be aware that the challenges of the energy turnaround must also be met with uncomfortable answers. “We would already be helped if, for example, we could suspend part of the EU rules for a time when crossing protected areas,” said Rosler.

The new Network Expansion Acceleration Act has already simplified planning and approval procedures. By the end of the year, the government wants to determine exactly where up to 3800 kilometers of new extra-high voltage lines will run to transport wind power from the north to the south.

Rosler also wants to restrict the possibility of legal action. By the end of the year, the legal framework for future network expansion will be in place. “In the process, we need to speed up the planning and construction process. From my point of view, it is sufficient if with the Federal Administrative Court a single court instance can be appealed to,” said Rosler.

Up to now, grid operators have had to comply with partly rigid nature conservation regulations – depending on the federal state – and, for example, have to relocate animals, irradiate forest areas to be cleared for nights on end so that no more bats can hide in them, or have three new trees planted elsewhere for one felled tree.

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