Ssv kitzingen rejoices over victory against eisingen

SSV Kitzingen rejoices over victory against Eisingen

SSV Kitzingen – TSV Eisingen 3:1 (1:0).

Goal sequence: 1:0 Felix Scheider (45.), 2:0 Steffen Metz (58.), 2:1 Andre Dorscheid (59./FE), 3:1 Felix Scheider (70./ FE).

In the end the goal scorer did not want to have the goal awarded at all. Felix Scheider modestly remarked that it was an own goal that the opponent had manufactured and thus had put the settlers in the lead. In the end, however, the group standing by decided he had scored the 1-0 himself.
“Running and fighting was the order of the day. It was a hard fought game with very few scoring chances”, his coach Carsten Lanik summed up the 3:1 victory. In the first half, the settlers initially found no means after the opponent cleverly blocked the spaces. After the change of ends they were better. Steffen Metz came back with his first goal after a long injury break and increased the lead after an advance by David Bartsch. A few minutes later he could enjoy the applause of the crowd when he was substituted. At this point, the lead was again shaken by a highly questionable penalty, which Andre Dorscheid converted for the connecting goal. The Siedler, however, were unimpressed by the opponent’s rebellion and were awarded a penalty kick after a rough attack on Florian Rumpel, which Scheider converted to make it 3:1.
The victory could have been even higher with more chances in the final phase. “For me it was important to see that after conceding five goals in the first leg, we took up the fight and stood up to it. The boys did very well”, praised Lanik.

SG Buchbrunn-Mainstockheim – FC Eibelstadt 1:3 (1:2).

Goal sequence: 0:1 Michael Wegmann (21./FE), 0:2 Gregor Schmidt (34.), 1:2 Daniel Schmillen (41.), 1:3 Thorbjoern Kohne (68.).
After ten games without a defeat, the SG was defeated at home by fellow relegated team Eibelstadt. “You were the deserved winner”, Ali Akdeniz showed himself as a fair loser. “We were too inaccurate in our actions and failed to win the second balls”, he brought two reasons for the 1:3 before. The guests took the lead due to a penalty kick, which was blamed on Patrick Gutknecht by Daniel Kubler and converted by Michael Wegmann.
They added shortly after, but Daniel Schmillen brought his back into the game before the break with a deflected header. In the middle of the second half, however, the decision was made. “We have to admit to ourselves that it was neither our day nor our game”, Akdeniz openly admitted.

SV Oberpleichfeld/DJK Dipbach – SV Willanzheim 2:2 (0:0).

Goal sequence: 0:1 Dominik Hirsch (65.), 1:1 Michael Weber (70.), 1:2 Markus Pfeufer (78.), 2:2 Sebastian Walter (86.).
While Oberpleichfeld’s Michael Weber praised the 2:2 as a fair draw, Willanzheim’s Thomas Bergner was annoyed about two missed points: “We had the game in our hands and created the majority of chances. We could not manage our lead twice and conceded cheap goals at the back. That was unnecessary”, said the coach. After a goalless first half, Dominik Hirsch initially put the visitors ahead in an open second half when the opposing defense failed to intervene decisively enough. After Weber had equalized, Markus Pfeufer was on the spot and gave his team hope for another win. But again the hosts struck back.

FC Kirchheim – Dettelbach and districts 2:2 (1:1).

Goal sequence: 0:1 Samba Jallow (3.), 1:1 Manuel Zoller (20.), 1:2 Daniel Barth (63.), 2:2 Manuel Zoller (70.). Special feature: Red card against Michael Kemmer (Kirchheim) for insulting the referee (38.).
Dettelbach also squandered a lead twice in Kirchheim. “That annoys me less”, said coach Jurgen Walter and described a scene in which the hosts prevented a goal by a hand game, but no whistle was blown. “In view of such circumstances, we can be satisfied with the point”, Walter concluded and quoted the statistics: “For the first time ever we took something in Kirchheim.” A pass from Frederik Herrlein initiated the early lead through Samba Jallow. A second time Dettelbach was in front, but Manuel Zoller equalized the goals. Walter again highlighted the performance of his second row. He still has to replace several key players, but Julian Brannson, Moritz Hirth and Lukas Bock fit in seamlessly.

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