Taking a book bag to the casablanca cinema

Taking a book bag to the Casablanca cinema

There is even applause. And the LaOla. For a film that ostensibly revolves around a soccer goalkeeper and his trading card. But the ten- to 13-year-old boys and girls sitting in the velvet-red cinema seats know very well that “The Liverpool Goalie” is a film about culture The film actually conveys completely different themes: growing up, bullying at school, the influence of the media and first love. After all, Gerhard Wolff and his fellow teachers at Ochsenfurt Middle School prepared their students well for the film – and even now that they’ve all seen it, they’re still talking about it intensively.

That’s the point of the School Cinema Weeks, which is sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, among others, and is under the patronage of German President Joachim Gauck. They show that film and education do not contradict each other. In Ochsenfurt, the students dealt with the important topics addressed in the film as part of their history, social studies and geography classes. The organizer provided teaching material for the film, there were worksheets, photos and short sequences to see. “The young people identify with the characters in the films and draw their own lessons from their experiences”, says Gerhard Wolff.

Preparing and following up on topics

Many a young moviegoer smiles knowingly when 13-year-old Jo almost despairs of the fact that he is still missing the Liverpool FC goalkeeper in his soccer card collection. Or they frown because he would rather do the homework for his classmate Tim-Erik, who is two heads taller, than be tortured with painful head shots. And they get a transfigured look when he addresses his crush Mari for the first time – this applies mainly to the girls in the hall…

The students recognize the problems and difficulties that “The Liverpool Goalie” presents tells. Therefore the sponsoring association of the middle school with the chairman Peter Schafer supports the interested classes with pleasure with a Obolus. “We like to offer the children something, especially when it comes to the topic of culture.”, says Schafer. The association has also organized readings and lectures and wants to inspire the children with a wide range of activities – even though it is becoming increasingly difficult to find committed members for the association.

Stefanie Schaffer and the Casablanca team have no difficulty getting schools in the region interested in the school cinema weeks. For seven years, it has been one of the cinemas in Bavaria participating in the campaign. “Here pedagogy and entertainment are combined”, she praises the program, which more and more schools are happy to accept – and which cinema operators are happy to support. The Casablanca in particular sees itself as predestined for such an offer – which, by the way, is also available with non-German-language films. “After all, we have a bit of a responsibility to the high-quality film”, she explains. As a small art house cinema, you have to have different goals than a large Cineplex. “We make culture here”, says Stefanie Schafer – and thinks that the students should be allowed to get something out of it.

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