These four bring books to life

These four bring books to life

The fascination that reading can exert is demonstrated by the annual reading competition for schoolchildren, which has been held since 1959. On Friday, Annika Schneider from the 5c became the new reading queen of the fifth grade of the RS I.

Annika Schneider’s victory at the Maximilian-von-Welsch-Realschule qualified her for the regional finals. The bookworm prevailed against strong competition: Marlon Roder (5 a), Kamea Stephens (5 b) and Louis Murrmann (5 g).

Annika entered the race in third place and eventually made the cut. Although her competitors – the respective class winners – were also able to convince with their reading skills, she deservedly prevailed in the end. The jury used a point system to evaluate reading technique, interpretation and, in the case of the well-known text, also the choice of text passage.

In the first round, the participants were allowed to choose a book according to their own preferences, which they each introduced in short words and from which they then read a concise passage. Annika chose a funny passage from “Help, the Herdmanns are coming”: The funny and touching Christmas children’s book by Barbara Robinson is about the Herdmann children, six in number, who are considered the worst children in the whole town. They beat, steal, swear and smoke cigarettes. They are regarded in the neighborhood as a prime example of an antisocial family. But of all things, these children now get the main roles for the annual nativity play of the church community.

Where should the pig sleep?

Afterwards, another hurdle was imposed on the fifth graders. They were given a foreign text from which they had to read aloud in order. The passage that was literally as good as a beast came from the children’s novel “Rennschwein Rudi Russel” by Uwe Timm. A funny story in which a family wins the main prize at a raffle: a pig! Rudi Russel! Many exciting and funny adventures are preprogrammed. With the text, it was important to find one’s way spontaneously into the sentences and – even before reading aloud – to have understood what one had to put into the appropriate tone color, mood and speed right away. No easy task: Nevertheless, everyone did a good job. The other three participants, whose reading performance was close together, were also very convincing. But a tad better – especially with the foreign text – was Annika Schneider, so that she was finally chosen by the jury as the reading queen. All four readers received book prizes sponsored by the bookstore LeseZeichen in Kronach. Heike Schulein

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