Tim herzog is the new youth advisor

Tim Herzog is the new youth advisor

The new deanery youth officer, Tim Herzog, is no stranger to the region: After all, he was involved in youth work in Kasendorf, then held the position of advisor for the project “Gladly young, evangelical” from summer 2008 and maintained contacts with the communities of Buchau, Hutschdorf, Wonsees and Kasendorf. Since 2010, however, this activity has been reduced to a half-time position – and so Tim Herzog is pleased that since January he has officially been able to take up the half-time position as deanery youth officer – in addition to the project work (still running until 31. September 2012) got to it.

Tim Herzog, who comes from Eschwege, is actually a trained electrician. “It’s a nice job, but I didn’t always want to do it”, he tells. Through his involvement in youth work, Tim Herzog then came to study at the Tabor Protestant University in Marburg, Germany. He passed his bachelor’s exam with flying colors. He came to the Kulmbach region via an internship. And there he has remained.

To this day, Tim Herzog has no regrets. In his new function, he is responsible for Buchau, Weismain, Hutschdorf, Langenstadt, Azendorf, Peesten, Kasendorf, Wonsees, Thurnau, Limmersdorf, Berndorf, Trumsdorf, Krogelstein and Hollfeld. “I’m currently still in the survey phase, I first have to look at what all exists”, explains Herzog, who wants to make a strong case for the accompaniment of volunteers and further training. “At the moment, my daily bread is getting to know staff and circles. There I had already so some good discussion.”

Pressure to perform is omnipresent

One issue for the new deanery youth officer is the pressure to perform, he said, which is everywhere these days. “I want to create a space for the children and young people where they feel without pressure that they are worth something – of course with educational aspects”, explains Herzog. “There are many in the deanery who are involved. But you don’t really need to call those who are in high school or junior high school before 5 p.m., because they don’t have the time. We have to come to terms with the changed circumstances”, says Herzog and regrets the high workload. “But when they do cooperate, they are very committed and get involved a lot. We have to look for niches.”

“Herzog has not yet been able to initiate any concrete projects. But the Preparandent Day has the motto “Crazy Labyrinth”. The idea is to make it clear that young people are pushed around by many factors – and also have to find a way out of it. In addition, a leisure time in Hungary is planned.

The blessing service, in which Tim Herzog was officially inducted into the office of deanery youth officer, was filled with “edification overwritten. “We want to build something, and the young people should be living stones in the process”, Herzog explains the motto. Important components are the youth meetings in Wonsees (every two weeks, on Saturdays from 7 to 11 p.m.), in Buchau (every two weeks, on Fridays from 7 to 10 p.m.), and in the town of Wonsees (on Fridays from 7 to 10 p.m.).30 hrs) and Kasendorf (weekly, on Fridays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.).30 to 11 p.m.).

“We don’t just want to open up a room, we also want to be a contact for the young people, says Herzog, who tries to be present on site as often as possible. “The young people always praise the fact that there is someone there who takes time for them. You are never alone, there is always someone to talk to.”

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