Tsv neudrossenfeld’s bellyache is groundless

TSV Neudrossenfeld's bellyache is groundless

A little stomach ache had Markus Taschner before the first Landesliga game after the winter break already. The TSV coach had to do without his regular goalkeeper Tobias Gruner at short notice before the first competitive match of the year against FC Herzogenaurach.

With Lukas Schelenz another pillar was missing due to flu. Another construction site was the defense before the match. Taschner had identified switching to the defensive line as an “Achilles’ heel” in preparation for the game made out.

National League Northeast

TSV Neudrossenfeld – FC Herzogenaurach 2:1 (1:1) In addition to Gruner and Schelenz, the TSV hospital was full with new winter players Bastian Horter, Tjark Gerull, Steffen Taubenreuther, Jahn Lohrlein and Tamino Ansari. A week more until the first point game would have been right Taschner, but this wish was not fulfilled him.

The 39-year-old made the best of the situation.

“Our first eleven still has a lot of quality”, he said. And also on the bench the TSV coach had enough alternatives with Bas Peeters, Richard Schneider and Sascha Engelhardt. From the start were against Herzogenaurach somewhat surprising Finn Habel and winter newcomer Niklas Golling, to which Taschner attested a good training week.

In the early stages, the TSV coach could not be satisfied. The guests stood deep and left the ball to the Green-Whites. But they did not know what to do with it. Nico Bohmer was in the center almost alone responsible for the game structure. There was a lack of movement up front. “We knew that a physically robust team awaited us”, said the Neudrossenfelder Mikel Seiter. “Our plan was to let the ball run until a gap opens up.”

But that did not succeed at first. This is how most of the excitement arose in the first 30 minutes after foul play in midfield. “In the last third we had little action”, recognized Seiter. But the chances were well taken. A cross from Levin Pauli was cleared by the “Pumas” only insufficient.

Beneficiary was Seiter, who scored with the first shot on goal to 1:0. Up to that point, the guests were not dangerous – and yet they went into the break with a 1-1 score. Carsten Hahn extended a free kick from half field into his own goal almost at the interval. The injured Bastian Horter rightly said: “The goal came out of nowhere.”

Post saves for TSV

The pressure was in the second half again with the Neudrossenfelder. The guests took more part in the game and in the 63rd minute had. Minute already the goal cry on the lips. Marco Amling chipped the ball from the edge of the penalty area to the left inside post. “The situation could have tipped the game”, Taschner and his coach colleague on the other side, Jakob Karches, agreed after the game. And Taschner added: “We were lucky.”

So it was the important warning signal for the green-whites. Taschner drove his team loudly from the outside. With success: The substitute Nico Boog played Julian Potzinger free in the penalty area, who could only be stopped by a foul. For FC coach Karches a debatable decision. He conceded, however, that “the Neudrossenfelder were in the decisive situations abgezockter”. The fouled player converted the penalty down on the left.

Peeters missed the chance to decide the game eight minutes before the end when he aimed too high from a half-left position. The green-whites no longer had to tremble. The Middle Franconians decimated themselves. Kevin Rockwell had to leave the pitch after a hard tackle on TSV goalkeeper Gianluca Mehlhorn. They did not give a dangerous shot on goal after that.

“The result was hard-fought, said Taschner, who still sees potential for improvement in view of the game at Quelle Furth next Saturday. “With our three-man backline we had a hard time defensively, especially in one-on-one situations. In the build-up to the game it was quite decent, but especially the game through the middle is still developable.”

Statistics of the game

TSV Neudrossenfeld: Mehlhorn – Mockel, Gareis, Hahn, Habel, Seiter, Bohmer, Pauli (73. Engelhardt), Golling (73. Boog), Potzinger, Kolb (58. Peeters)

FC Herzogenaurach: Peter – Rahe, Karches, Staniszewski (80. Dorrich), Schmitt, Amling, Stubing, Rockwell, Thomann, Spielmann, Jassmann (73. Ronneburg)

Referee: Scharf (TV Nabburg)

Spectators: 165

Goals: 1:0 Seiter (33.), 1:1 Hahn (45.+2, own goal), 2:1 Potzinger (76., Penalty)

Red card: Rockwell (83., Herzogenaurach, rough foul play)

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