Wc house for culture barn

WC house for culture barn

The Mangold estate in the heart of the city is revived. “Another vacancy less”, Mayor Jurgen Hennemann (SPD) was pleased with the plans submitted by the new owner at the most recent meeting of the building committee.
According to this, the businessman and craftsman plans office space in the front part towards Kapellenstrabe and apartments in the rear part up to a new dwarf gable to be built on top.
In addition, he would like to create a toilet house in the courtyard as a new building, as the rear barn is intended for art events and flea markets, said the mayor.
In addition, the property is being discussed as a headquarters and contact point for the citizens’ network community under discussion. “I am jubilant that a decades-long vacancy will end and a house in the old town will be used for residential use and possibly even more”, rejoiced the head of the town.
City planner Jurgen Bergmann also had no reservations. Pitch questions were not discussed at all.
Another commercial building undergoes a change: At Elektro Dietz, a warehouse in the rear building becomes two apartments.
Two comments came from Thomas Limpert (Free Voters). Thus he suggested handicapped parking spaces near the entrance to the triple gymnasium. Further he wanted to know what was at the photovoltaic plans near Fischbach? Such a project in the direction of Siegelfeld is under discussion, replied the mayor, as in Bavaria such facilities on low-quality farmland would be approved again.

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