Young press in berlin

How does the interaction of media and politics work in the capital city? This is what 16-year-old Jan Hergeth, who attends the Kaiser-Heinrich-Gymnasium in Bamberg, was able to experience in Berlin over the past few days. “The youth press days of the SPD parliamentary group are a great opportunity to see how news is made and how the media report on politics, was pleased the Bundestag delegate Andreas black over it to be able to give a pupil from its constituency Bamberg Forchheim the opportunity for this exciting stay.

Many impressions gathered

With the varied program the young participants receive both a view of the work of journalists as well as the press office and into the work everyday life of the delegates of the German Bundestag. In addition to participating in a press conference with Andrea Nahles, leader of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, the schedule included a discussion with journalists from the capital and a visit to a plenary session of the German Bundestag. “During my three days here, I experienced a lot of background on how everyday life in the German Bundestag works. We learned about the criteria for interviews or how to get involved in politics as a young person. I also found the discussion with members of parliament on the topic of ‘The open society in difficult times’ very interesting. It was just a great experience”, so the pupil in the message of the office of deputy Andreas Schwarz.

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