Youth fire department practices for a whole 24 hours

Youth fire department practices for a whole 24 hours

With blue lights and siren, three emergency vehicles of the Michelau fire department turn onto the yard of a Schwurbitz company at about 2 p.m. A few minutes before, an emergency call was received that a man had been crushed under a concrete girder. Now everything has to happen very quickly. The strikingly young firefighters support the load with lifting bags and a short time later the man is freed.
Although the man no longer has a head, he survived the operation – because he is only a training dummy. Just as the 19 firefighters are not yet fully trained firefighters. That they can help soon already with genuine employments, to it the 24-hour exercise contributes, which the youth fire-brigade completed recently.

Service sport, food supply, care of the equipment and altogether six employments belonged to it. “However, they don’t know in advance what and how many operations are coming”, says Frank Spitzenpfeil, deputy youth officer. “Since some of them want to work for a professional fire department later on, we would like to show them with this exercise how a professional fire department works.”

Little sleep for the young

A lot was demanded of the young people, who were on average 14 years old; the crushed person was only supposed to be the prelude: Further it went with two fires, around 23 o’clock they moved out, in order to extinguish a forest fire and at 1 o’clock in the morning they had to cut a person free from a car in an accident.

Then the Michelau youth fire department was able to take a deep breath for a few hours until they were called out at 8 o’clock the next morning for the last time within the 24 hours to deal with a leaking liquid. Youth warden Holger Fortsch and Frank Spitzenpfeil were very satisfied with the young firefighters the next day

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