100 New courses in the vhs program

100 new courses in the Vhs program

In particular, traditionally sought-after exercise and prevention courses such as Pilates, fitness and spinal gymnastics, pelvic floor training and Zumba will be offered additionally in the morning. In addition to the popular patient seminars at the Kitzinger Land Clinic on hypertension and stroke, the health education program focuses on surgical medicine: minimally invasive procedures in trauma surgery, the possibilities and limitations of artificial joints, and a weighing of surgical ENT interventions and the therapy alternatives using the example of tonsils and adenoids.

Languages and health

The lecture “From the appearance and being in the medicine” puts patients into the position to be able to question in the future the sense of treatment procedures and to examine health promises for their truthfulness.
In the program area languages, folk music in the afternoon – English with the guitar, English conversation and small talk courses strengthen the offer. Spanish for beginners is offered as a compact course during the Easter holidays.
At the special request of many citizens, the Kitzingen Integration Council, in cooperation with the Vhs, has for the first time compiled 16 offers for citizens of other origins and cultures, also with the desire and intention to get to know the city, its institutions and people better.
Tips and practical exercises on digital photography, film recording and editing are also part of the Vhs repertoire. The great demand for dancing, cooking or sewing is unbroken, so that there are always other topics, for example Tango Argentino, Indian cuisine or large city bags made of whale fabrics that do not fray.
But also classical information events are to be found in the program. A generation advisor discusses the topics of health care proxy, living will, nursing care and last will and testament. In cooperation with the Kitzingen District Health Office, the parents’ seminar “Help, my child is going through puberty” is offered!” offered. The series of lectures for dog lovers will also be continued with the aspects “Home Remedies for Dogs” and “Dog language – comprehensibly explained in picture and sound”.

Living in old age

With topics such as “Does everyone need a consultant or coach??”, “Living in old age” or “A clear view of the jungle of subsidies for the renovation of old buildings and energy-efficient new construction” will be held on current topics.
Who still wants to occupy itself with the mysterious Mayas in the year 2013, can extend its knowledge on two evenings. The popular travel multivision tours through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, to Tuscany and Liguria, as well as to Canada, rounded off the program.

Program is also available on the Internet

Distribution of the Vhs program booklets in the city and district of Kitzingen begins on Friday with a print run of 30,000 copies. The program booklet can also be downloaded online as a pdf file from the vhs Kitzingen homepage www.vhs.kitzingen.browse info or download. Online registrations for the courses and seminars are now possible, telephone and personal registrations again from Monday, 18. February to the used opening times in the Luitpoldbau, telephone 09321/920898. The first courses start on 25. February.

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