Costs are deferred

For the new construction of the fire station in Hebdorf, a contribution agreement must be concluded with the Seebachgruppe special-purpose association. That was a topic in the local council.

For the development of the FWGH Hebdorf, the engineering office Hohnen& Partners commissioned by the Seebachgruppe special-purpose association and the municipality of Hebdorf to jointly plan and carry out the construction work for the water supply, the wastewater system and the laying of empty pipes. For the division water supply on the part of the Zweckverband an appropriate planning order with a prospective fee at a value of approximately 7200 net had been given in accordance with the resolution of the federation meeting.

The company Ochs from Nuremberg was commissioned for the pipeline construction and the water supply work with a contract sum of just under 68,000 euros; the company also carried out the sewer construction and the empty pipe work for 154,000 euros. In the resolution of the association meeting of the ZV Seebachgruppe in June 2018, it was determined that cost recovery must be ensured for the special purpose association. The costs of just under 90,000 euros must be reimbursed by the municipality.

Furthermore, the main pipeline laid up to the level of the fire station very probably has the development function for a future development area of the community to the north of the community center. However, this will only be determined in the course of further urban land use planning. The water pipe may also be needed in the development. For this reason, the special-purpose association will not levy the statutory production charge for the time being.

If further municipal development planning should result in income from production contributions for the special-purpose association, costs will be reimbursed to the municipality of Hebdorf.

Expansion of the daycare center

There was a discussion about the awarding of the carpentry work “furniture” for the expansion of the nursery. The “furniture joinery” trade for the extension of the daycare center was put out to public tender in accordance with VOB/A, and five companies were invited to submit bids via the Bavarian State Gazette. At the submission deadline, only one bid was received from Rupert Moreth, a carpentry firm from Eschlam, for 20,500 euros gross. The cost of this trade had been calculated at 37,000 euros gross.

Decision postponed

The proposed resolution led to displeasure because apparently no local carpenter had been invited to submit a bid and it was requested that e-mails to the Bavarian State Gazette should also go to local firms. After discussion, the decision was postponed.

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