Despite savings: bfv lacks 2.5 million euros

Despite savings: BFV lacks 2.5 million euros

The consequences of the Corona pandemic hit the budget of the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) with full force: Treasurer Jurgen Faltenbacher expects a shortfall of 2.5 million euros for 2020. Because the game operation currently again until at least 31. December, the BFV has suspended the since 1. The short-time work for his full-time staff, which had been in force since May, was extended once again. On average, the working hours of the approximately 80 permanent employees are reduced by around 60 percent.

The BFV has tried to minimize the deficit wherever possible. As things stand, the association is missing out on revenue of more than 6.5 million euros, offset by savings of around four million euros. “There is no area in our company that is not affected by the cost-cutting measures. But that is our duty. We have lost revenue at a staggering rate, almost a third of the total budget. By the way, this is not our money, but that of our members”, says treasurer Jurgen Faltenbacher. That these are to absorb the thick minus, however, is not planned. “Currently it is not an issue at all to increase the fees for the clubs because of the pandemic”, says press speaker Fabian Fruhwirth on inquiry: “This would have to decide anyway the federation day.”

Fees increased by 1.4 percent

Meanwhile, at its November meeting, the association’s board of directors approved an inflation-related fee adjustment of 1.4 percent for the coming year – as it does almost every year. The increase occurs to the 1. January in force and was decided in consideration of the consumer price indices for 2018 and 2019. Thus, the registration fee for an A-class player is 161.03 euros instead of 158.81 euros. Passport reissues remain free of charge.

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