Festival will be postponed

Festival will be postponed

It was already to be feared and has now confirmed itself: The Bad Kissingen Festival in August 2020 with the musical “My Fair Lady” have to be postponed. In mid-April, the federal and state governments decided to allow large-scale events to take place until at least 31. August to ban. This has had an impact on numerous events throughout Germany and thus also on the Bad Kissingen Festival, which will be held from 5. until 30. August 2020 for the first time in the Luitpoldbad should take place.

But: The festival will not be cancelled without replacement. The musical “My Fair Lady is to be played at a different time, have Bruno Heynen, head of the event department at Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH, and Michael Deuker, managing director of Depro Dienstleistungen GmbH, have now jointly decided. The musical celebrates on Wednesday, 28. July 2021, premiere in the Luitpoldbad. The other ten play dates fall in the period up to the 18. August 2021. The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

“For us as organizers, the health and safety of the guests, our actors, singers and staff is our top priority, which is why we are following the recommendation of the authorities. Nevertheless, we are of course very sorry that the first Bad Kissingen Festival cannot take place as planned and has to be postponed. Until then, we thank you for your trust, ask for a little patience and look forward to performing the musical My Fair Lady in August 2021 in the wonderful ambience of the Luitpoldbad.”, says Michael Deuker.

Bruno Heynen, Head of the Events Department at Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH, adds: “We would have loved to stage ‘My Fair Lady’ in the inner courtyard of the Luitpoldbad and to stage this event area in a modern way. However, all the work in the run-up was not in vain, but we look forward to next year and are excited to see how the festival will be received.”

“We are also very sorry that the festival has to be postponed. We were very curious to see how the courtyard of the Luitpoldbad would be transformed into the ‘My-Fair-Lady’ backdrop. But of course, the health of everyone involved comes first and is our top priority”, says Sylvie Thormann, spa director and managing director of the Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH.

Tickets remain valid

Tickets already purchased will remain valid for the premiere and the ten other performance dates, which are scheduled for August 2021. If capacity permits, ticket holders will be able to choose between the performance days and select one of the new dates. The organizer Depro services also points out that a return or exchange of tickets is only possible in the event of cancellation of an event without replacement, and then only at the ticket office where they were purchased. “We appeal to all visitors to take advantage of our substitute dates or to pass the tickets on to friends, acquaintances or relatives as a gift and thus make a small contribution to the preservation of cultural diversity in Germany”, says Deuker.

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