Folk music made in franconia

Folk music made in Franconia

In addition to well-known artists from television, the Ellertaler Kulturherbst also always focuses on something new and hit the mark with the guest performance by Gankino Circus, a Franconian folk band from western Middle Franconia.
Wolfgang Heyder as responsible person of the organizing SPD Kultur AG prophesied a “wild show” at the greeting and was right. That in the Reh hall the enthusiastic spectators followed the second part of the virtuoso conception for the most part in standing and dancing, underlines the attractiveness of this aberwitzigen program. The four bards (all born in 1984), who have known each other since their school days and rose from street music to professional music, ignited a fireworks display of folk music from their homeland and from other countries, such as Finland. A Scandinavian whisperer song for cattle interpreted Maximilian Eder insanely and created a goosebump atmosphere in dimmed Nordic light.

Solo topless

After this calm Kuhstall mood followed west-middle Franconian Rock’n’Roll mark own composition and tore the guests in the wahrsten sense of the word from the seats. Since their hometown Dietenhofen is also a “percussion mecca”, we are perhaps too spoiled is transported Johannes Sens this “dreamlike condition” on the deer stage. During this solo at top speed, he undressed, drumming topless, before putting on a soccer jersey while playing with a lot of comedic talent.
A standing ovation for the quartet, which quickly sparked the audience, and the program title “Idyll und Irrsinn” (Idyll and Madness) perfectly implemented. The permanently racy music, so also at the “Sexy Kerwa”, was only interrupted by guitarist Ralf Wieland (“Lohndorf: Kaff mit tollen Buhne”), who as a storyteller from the idyllic homeland – located between Nuremberg and Ansbach – drew the red thread of the evening.
In view of the extraordinary musical performances at top speed, the evening developed from a concert character to a spectacular “circus”, played in 11/8 time analogous to the Bulgarian national dance. After the “Gankino Horo they have named themselves.
The cultural autumn continues with the Wellkuren on 24. November and twice KGB on 8. and 9. December.

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