From the andes to ludwigsstadt

From the Andes to Ludwigsstadt

Although Heiko Beyer has traveled extensively and toured many large cities such as Bern, Dusseldorf and Cologne, his “live multivision” is still being presented on Friday, 24. November, in the hall of the savings bank Ludwigsstadt be something special: Because the photojournalist and producer will have an appearance in his hometown.

When you hear the 50-year-old talk, as he did on Tuesday evening at the opening of the exhibition “The Andes – 7000 kilometers across South America”, it’s hard to believe that he was able to do it in the entrance area of the savings bank Ludwigsstadt, then one considers, how one could describe the occupation or more appropriately the person Heiko Beyer. Thoughts like globetrotter, adventurer, photographer, cameraman, South America expert, author etc. come to mind.

On display at the exhibition are large-format pictures, such as of the Aymara woman Magdalena feeding a small llama, of the twin volcanoes Pomerape in Lauca National Park in Chile. The exhibition is intended to lead viewers to the multivision show on Friday, 24. November. Already when looking at it, one realizes that it is about never before shown impressions, which will prove the diversity of South America.

From Venezuela to Argentina

Heiko Beyer wants to take the visitors on this evening on his journeys across the South American continent, from Venezuela over 7000 kilometers further through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, into the heart of the Andes and finally to Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
At his project “The Andes Heiko Beyer was on the road for a total of seven years in the west of South America. He managed to capture a largely complete picture of this region between Pico Humboldt and Cape Horn. He gained impressions of this part of the world, which is unspoiled, full of contrasts and wildness. Whether on the summit of Pico Humboldt in Venezuela, in the huts of the Colombian Arthucos or in the colorful Ecuadorian markets – every day was an adventure for him. Sometimes it was also dangerous. But he has met many nice people.

Hobby turned into profession

The people present at the opening of the exhibition listened to his words with rapt attention. Among them his father. “I am already proud of my son!”, says this. He spent a beautiful and happy childhood in Ludwigsstadt, explains Heiko Beyer himself. Even if he traveled a lot in the world: “Ludwigsstadt has always remained my home!” Heiko Beyer is someone who had the courage to give up his secure job as a microelectronics engineer with a doctorate to turn his hobby into a profession.

As Heiko Beyer told, when he put together his impressions for the multivision show, he attached great importance to staging the pictures in the best possible quality and as large as possible. The photographs are combined with entertaining texts and information. With his multivision show, he now wants to bring his very personal impressions, pictures and stories about the Andean countries closer to the citizens from his home region. “I am very much looking forward to it!”

Mayor Timo Ehrhardt was pleased that he could persuade Heiko Beyer to carry out a multivision in perfect HD quality in his hometown. “We are proud to have you!” For him, he said, it is a concern to maintain contact with Ludwigsstadter, who now have their center of life outside the region.

Steffen Potstada, member of the board of Sparkasse Kulmbach-Kronach, is also proud that with Heiko Beyer not only an excellent photojournalist, but also a renowned producer – for example, the Schaeffler Group and Geo are among his customers – has been chosen for an exhibition and a “live multivision” in the savings bank rooms could be won. And the regional director north, Peter Goihl, is convinced: “With the live multivision one will open the heart!”

The live multivision “The Andes – 7000 kilometers across South America” will take place on Friday, 24. November, in the savings bank hall in Ludwigsstadt stat. Start is at 19 o’clock. Tickets are available at the Sparkasse Ludwigsstadt, admission: 5 Euro. Additionally there are also DVDs and books of Heiko Beyer.

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