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Especially for chronically ill people it is important to take care of the necessary prescriptions in time before the summer vacations, when many doctors close their practices: “Pharmacists are only allowed to dispense prescription drugs against a prescription even during the vacations”, says Thomas Wagner, press speaker of the pharmacists in the district Erlangen high city. Patients should therefore know when their doctor is going on vacation and have all the necessary medication prescribed beforehand, according to a press release from the Bavarian State Chamber of Pharmacists.
If you are spending your vacation abroad, you should ask the tour operator before you start your trip or check at the hotel at the beginning of your vacation for the nearest pharmacy – preferably one that speaks German, advises pharmacist Wagner: “However, travelers should be prepared for the fact that they will not find the same comprehensive supply of medicines everywhere as they do at home. I therefore urgently advise all holidaymakers to put together an individual first-aid kit at home before the start of their vacation.”

Finding emergency services by cell phone

If you are on vacation in Germany and need an urgent medication during the vacations, there are many ways to quickly and easily find the nearest emergency pharmacy: By cell phone, you can simply call 22833 and enter your zip code. Or “apo” send a text message to 22833 (maximum 69 cents/minute). The free landline number 0800/0022833 allows a convenient search from home. Users of smartphones and tablets can download the pharmacy finder as an app (fee required). In addition, a list of the next pharmacies on duty is displayed in each pharmacy.

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