Kerwasburschen buckenhofen celebrate their tenth anniversary

Kerwasburschen Buckenhofen celebrate their tenth anniversary

They are still at the forefront when it comes to setting up the kerwabaum: Georg Bauer and Michael Dittrich. At the tenth anniversary of the Buckenhofener Kerwasburschen, the current leadership of the association around Stephan Schneider and Steffen Kneitz appointed both of them honorary members.

It is to be owed to the two men that one can celebrate in Buckenhofen now for the twelfth time the Zeltkerwa on the festival area between sport home and sluice. Although the then independent municipality of Buckenhofen had only chapels and no church, for a good 100 years – from the end of the 19th century onwards – it was a place of worship. Century until the end of the 20. Century the Kirchweih after old tradition. Then it slowly fell asleep, until 22 years ago Georg Bauer took the initiative and revived the custom again.

The kermis tree stood in front of the inn “Zur Sonne” and the approximately 30 Kerwasburschen were only a loose union. Things went well for twelve years, but then differences arose.

Very shortly before the festival date. A private celebration should be the replacement. Thanks to Thomas Roth and Konrad Lauger, the festival took on a different dimension: they provided a large tent and a plot of land. And three bands played without pay. Witnesses speak of an extraordinary rush: “People stood in the street until a place in the tent became available.”

Such a success had to be repeated. Therefore the Kerwasburschen and Madla created an association, which stemmt the celebration in the local part until today. Only the Annafest has more visitors than the Buckenhofener Zeltkerwa.

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