New club attraction does habfurt good

New club attraction does Habfurt good

“It’s amazing that there’s something like this in Hassfurt” one in the crowd expresses his enthusiasm. However, the at least on Friday was first somewhat dampened, because was opened from 20 clock only for invited guests – also as a thank you for helpers, craftsmen and representatives of city and authorities.
From 11 p.m. onwards, a queue of around 150 revellers formed, stretching from the entrance to the new event hall to Bahnhofstrasse. A few hours earlier, the official opening of the new location had been celebrated with invited guests, from which all those involved expect an upgrade of Habfurt’s nightlife.

The bosses of the “Cafe Kolsch

Ramon Hummer and Leonid Rosa, who have already opened the “Cafe Kolsch” in Schweinfurt, are the two most enthusiastic about the new restaurant two experienced hosts in the night gastronomy have been found, who were willing to breathe new life into the old goods hall at the Habfurt train station. The building, which is a listed building, has been extensively renovated in recent months, for which, according to the operator, 450000 euros were invested. The result is impressive. Already at the entrance one is welcomed at the historically recreated ticket counter – a nice idea for a checkroom. Inside the 200-square-meter hall, numerous accessories are reminiscent of times gone by. The bar built from old lattice boxes also has its own charm.

Mayor Gunther Werner was, in his own words, very pleased that the “LokWerk” had been established now finally opened. After a long period of vacancy, he considers it a stroke of luck for the city of Hassfurt that the two investors from Schweinfurt found each other in order to create something new here. “All other alternatives for the use of the goods hall were not so convincing and above all they would have cost the city a lot of money”, said Werner. For Werner, the club is an enhancement of Habfurt’s city life. The property continues to be owned by the city of Hassfurt. A leasehold agreement was concluded with the operators.

Is there now a snowball effect??

City manager Marc Heinz hopes for a snowball effect. He hopes that Habfurt will benefit from the atmosphere of departure in the city center and encourage other businessmen to engage in gastronomic activities in the district town.

But also the visitors on the opening evening were enthusiastic about the new attraction. Christian Klopf and Michael Krapf from Mechenried said that it was high time that something like this existed in Hassfurt. Otherwise, you had to go to Schweinfurt or Bamberg if you wanted to enjoy the nightlife. Now the two young men are pleased that they have only a short journey and quasi “before their front door” can go celebrate. The two also think the ambience is great: “The owners have really gone to a lot of trouble to make something special.”

The “LokWerk” will be open regularly from winter to spring on Fridays and Saturdays until 5 o’clock in the morning. Special events are planned for the summer. Operations manager Steffi Dees is pleased to welcome guests with the two event management trainees, Nina Reinhart and Luca Ruther. The club can also be rented for private parties.

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