Nightly war of nerves around snack gangster ends bloodlessly

Nightly war of nerves around snack gangster ends bloodlessly

Police arrested him outside the snack bar on Friday. Instead of twelve hostages, the police later spoke of “supporters” of the 36-year-old.

The operator of the restaurant, who had a criminal record, was probably afraid of prison, the investigators said. The exact motive, however, is not yet clear. Preliminary proceedings are being initiated against him on suspicion of hostage-taking. According to the police, four people were slightly injured during the operation.

The 36-year-old called police on Thursday and threatened to blow everything up. Whether he meant what he said and whether the other people in the snack bar had been held by force could not be determined at first, said the head of the Freiburg police department, Alfred Oschwald.

During the night, police said the man was dangerous and armed. He had flammable liquids with him. “There were many indications that the perpetrator may pose a danger to other people,” Oschwald said at a press conference in the afternoon. However, there had also been information that the relatives and acquaintances had been voluntarily in the pub.

Specialists of the police negotiated for hours with the 36-Jahrigen. “The perpetrator made an emotional, desperate and also erratic impression throughout the night,” a statement said. After hours of negotiations, the perpetrator surrendered in the morning. succeeded in persuading him to leave the building. Then the officials would have arrested him immediately.

The operation of the SEK went off smoothly. It remained with a few abrasions, said Oschwald. Among the supporters of the perpetrator were also his wife and five children aged 7 to 17 years.

The father had been sentenced to eight months in prison for drug-related offenses, according to Freiburg senior public prosecutor Wolfgang Maier. In order to carry out this punishment, now an arrest warrant had been present. It is possible that this led him to commit the crime.

The 36-year old had itself however still more to blame let. More than 40 times he had appeared in the police, for example because of violations of the weapons and explosives law. In 2011 and 2012 he was in possession of a sharp weapon during arrests.

On Thursday he had a court date, to which he did not appear however. This was about driving without a license. In December, he should answer in court for illegal possession of weapons.

Against 06.30 o’clock special forces had first led away a man in handcuffs. Later, the police explained that the handcuffs were put on purely as a precaution, that it was not the perpetrator, but a supporter of the 36-year-old. The thriller of nerves continued until the perpetrator was finally found at just before 9 a.m.00 o’clock gave up.

After the arrest, officers noticed the smell of gas or gasoline in the restaurant and found two empty canisters. Whether the 36-year-old spilled the gasoline is still unclear.

The police had cordoned off the vicinity of the industrial area over a wide area. Rescue services and fire department had also set up a medical camp. They were on the scene with about 85 helpers and eight emergency doctors.

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