Parish festival and excursion

Two church services are planned with the participation of the church choir and the church band “Mini-Flauto-Rondo”, A cozy wine evening in the youth center “Villa (from 8 p.m.) and a guided tour of the church. The Altenkunstadter Sanktgeorgspfadfinder will ensure with handicrafts that also the young visitors will not be bored. The members of the parish council, headed by chairwoman Anni Guckel, have made extensive preparations for the feast. Offers for young and old should let the faithful feel: “We all belong together”!” The program begins on Saturday at 19 o’clock with an evening service in the parish church “Maria Geburt” with the participation of the church choir.

The festival Sunday begins at 10 o’clock with a family service. Starting at 11 a.m., helpers serve food on the grounds of the “Villa” Soup and small cold dishes. Coffee and cake in the afternoon. Those who want can climb the 52 meter high church tower. Church tours are scheduled for 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Thomas Geldner will inform about the history of the church, which was inaugurated in 1537. The members of the parish council and volunteers will meet tomorrow at 9 a.m. in the “Villa” to the construction work.

Senior trip to Lower Franconia

A trip for senior citizens leads to the wine-growing region of Lower Franconia on Wednesday, 17. October. The excursionists visit the Schwanberg, the seat of the evangelical sisterhood “Communitat Casteller Ring”, and cultivate conviviality in a rustic hedge inn. Young people are also welcome. Registrations take senior care Christa Weidner under the telephone number 09572/1874.
For the new election of the parish council on 18. November an election committee was formed. The committee includes Pastor Norbert Lang, Helmut Natterer, Thomas Sieben aller, Karl Welsch and Ingrid Zapf. Election proposals can be submitted until 14. October can be handed in at the Altenkunstadt parish office. In the curacy of Maineck the committee is formed by Norbert Dirauf, Brigitte Humbert, Klaus Muller, Heidi Stehl and pastor Norbert Lang. Forms for candidate nominations will be available in both parishes to take home.

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