Porsche boss blume continues to focus on classic car buyers

Porsche boss Blume continues to focus on classic car buyers

“In the future, too, we assume that people will want to own a Porsche themselves,” the sports car maker’s CEO told the German Press Agency.

Particularly in cities one could observe that younger people did not necessarily have the urge to own a vehicle. “But the young people are also getting older, and then their attitude could well change,” said Blume.

The carmaker celebrates the anniversary “70 years of Porsche sports cars” this Friday. On 8. In June 1948, the very first Porsche, the 356 Nr. 1 Roadster, its operating license.

By his own admission, Blume certainly sees modern mobility concepts as an opportunity to win new customers: “We don’t know today what the business models of the future will look like, but we are looking into it intensively and experimenting.”

Porsche is currently offering a kind of flat rate service in the USA, where customers can use a Porsche model of their choice at any time for a monthly fee. If they were intelligent, such services could be an attractive addition to the core business. With large fleets one would not make such a thing however. “From our point of view, that would not be typical of Porsche,” said Blume.

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