Scotland’s chief expert resigns over corona editions

Scotland's chief expert resigns over Corona editions

The Scottish government’s top health official, Catherine Calderwood, has resigned after breaches of her own exit restrictions in the Corona crisis.

After their misconduct had met with great indignation in Great Britain, Calderwood drew the consequences late on Sunday evening.

The expert admitted to having gone to her family’s country home on two consecutive weekends. Earlier, the newspaper “Scottish Sun” had published photos of the expert from a popular destination on the coast. “I didn’t follow the advice I gave to others,” Calderwood said at a news conference. “I am very sorry.”

The medical doctor had repeatedly defended the conditions ordered because of the coronavirus pandemic also in front of running cameras and called for their compliance. Police Scotland said Calderwood had been warned by officers to comply with conditions.

Scotland’s leader Nicola Sturgeon had initially opposed Calderwood’s resignation as chief medical adviser because of her expertise.

She later said Calderwood had undermined confidence in the work of health authorities “at that critical moment”. It would probably have been easier to sack them straight away, Sturgeon admitted in an interview with the ITV television station.

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