Singgemeinschaft thanks companions

Singgemeinschaft thanks companions

“It is important to us to thank all those who have supported us over the four decades and helped to keep the Singgemeinschaft alive”, said Gerhard Schmidt. At the honor evening on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Singgemeinschaft Wachenroth, the chairman called “many happy ambassadors of singing” welcome.

Those were the jubilarians as well as the current and former conductors, who were invited to the celebration in the sport home. Not to forget honorary chairman Adam Litz and honorary choir director Georg Rockelein as well as the supporting members, who support the choir by their presence at many occasions and by donations.

“It’s always trickling away, Chairman Schmidt said about the number of choir members. The departures could usually be replaced by new singers. A message that is rarely heard from choral communities today. “We are dependent on everyone”, so Schmidt. The group chairman Emilie Meier praised above all “the good community” in the association.

22 singers are currently members of the Singgemeinschaft. Sylvia Malzer has been its conductor for a good year now. Before Malzer, Josef Krapp, Stefan Jager, Martin Eybelein, Georg Rockelein and Dieter Schicha worked with the choir. Rosi Emrich had the chairman under “always ready” which means that the Schlusselelfelderin has always stepped in when there was a need.

Before Sylvia Malzer took the conductor’s baton, Dominik Ignatzek had led and shaped the choir for almost 20 years. The farewell party of the long-time conductor was – besides the group concert in Gremsdorf and the Advent concert – one of the outstanding events of the past year, about which Georg Leicht reported in his retrospect. Highlight this year will be the anniversary celebration “Sang und Klang” at the 23. June at the Ebrachtalhalle be. Paul Kleinlein, a friend and patron of the Singgemeinschaft from Wachenroth, thanked everyone with the words: “What would the world be without music and singing??”

Like him, the singers who have lent their voices to the choir for decades must be thinking. Mayor Friedrich Gleits-mann (CSU) and Emilie Meier thanked the jubilarians with honorary pins and certificates. With altogether 50 years Benedikt Ignatzek was the “longest serving” among the jubilarians. Before he came to Wachenroth – through his son Dominik, the former choir director – he had already sung in the chamber choir of the New High School in Nuremberg, in the church choir Sankt Heinrich, Furth, and in the church choir Sankt Anton, Nuremberg. Besides Wachenroth, he is also a member of the choir “TonArten Herrnsdorf-Sambach and the male choir of Sambach. For “50 years of singing in a choir the group chairwoman pinned the honorary pins of the Franconian Singers’ Association and the German Choir Association to his chest.

Members of the choir for 40 years: Marianne Bayer, Barbara Hofmann, Tamara Ignatzek, Karin Kram, Kunigunde Kreiner, Adam Litz, Thomas Litz, Peter Reichenbacher, Angela Reichenbacher and Gerhard Schmidt. As supporting members have been in the association for 40 years: Hilmar Bauer, Beate Breun, Elli Galster, Marion Galster-Schalk, Johann Gumbrecht, Heinz Hofmann, Helmut Hofmann, Erich Holley, Anton Murk, Petra Murk, Anni Murk, Anni Nachtigal, Traudl Olbrich, Georg Rockelein, Marianne Rockelein, Luitgard Schilk, Leni Schmidt, Peter Sperber, Fritz Wachtler.

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