Step by step to the big goal

Step by step to the big goal

The most unusual gastronomic project in the city continues to take shape. Although the beer garden at the former hospital building at the city tower was already inaugurated in August last year, the Riemer brothers were far from finished at that time. Harald, Ralf and Joachim had bought the run-down building from the city in 2013.
Since then, they have been rebuilding it mainly under their own steam. A project of the heart, because all of them also have a job. The gastronomic use serves to bring some life into the house again.

From the outside, not much has changed in the past few months, the most noticeable change is the new lettering on the front side facing the Lauter River. “Wohlauf, the air goes fresh and pure”, Since the end of April, there has been – from the Frankenlied by Joseph Victor von Scheffel. It is the best-known part of this song by the poet whose legacy was kept in the house around 1900. “At that time it was a kind of “museum”, says Harald Riemer. On the side now also the lettering “Spitalhaus” appears at. This has already led to many inquiries from visitors to the beer garden, he says. But the building was never a hospital in the sense of a hospital, he says. Single people could move into the “Spitalstiftung” here with their real estate – and then lived like in a kind of retirement home.

This is how the opening was about a year ago

Due to illness, the Riemers were not able to continue the further expansion of the house as planned. Since the official inauguration came the “Herrenbad” A roofed square at the back of the house, which may have served as a bathing area, has been added to the building. Inside, the ceilings are exposed, but the floor is still missing. “To the winter”, Harald Riemer is sure “we will have our two guest rooms here ready furnished.”

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