“The 3” like the fun with the audience

Because at first the band was called “Nimm 3” – so similar to the well known candy “Take 2. And that did not please the confectionery company Storck. Storck has acquired all rights to the term “Nimm” secured in connection with a number and did not find the band name at all funny: The three musicians received mail from the concern.

Charge over 200.000 Marks

“I had thought in the first moment, they like our name and invite us”, remembers Matthias Than. But far from it: Each of the musicians received a charge because of the band name over 200.000 D-Mark.
Obviously over the Internet operational readiness level the company on the Kulmbacher had become attentive, is Volker Matysiak in the meantime convinced. After contacting the company’s lawyer, an agreement was found: Each musician paid 1000 marks, and the name of the band was also changed. “The 3” were born. That was 2002.

The history of the band then took an equally unplanned development. Originally Volker, Matthias and Matthias had performances at weddings and birthdays as a goal. “But over the years we have become a party band.” In the program they have songs that people can sing along to. “The best thing for us is when we can have fun with the people.” To do this, they mingle with the crowd with radio mics.

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