This is what the new kulmbach looks like

This is what the new Kulmbach looks like

That’s it for the old Muller malthouse: the demolition excavator will soon be moving in on the historic brick building that is so characteristic of the cityscape. Yesterday, the city council gave the green light for the mega project of the Rosenheim investor Drosel, who wants to build a complex with 157 residential units – 120 for students, 37 for senior citizens – in Pestalozzistrasse. Also our commentary.

After a short debate, OB Henry Schramm, CSU, SPD, WGK and Greens agreed on Thursday in rare unanimity that the malt house is not worth preserving. Only one was against: Thomas Nagel from the FDP. Over its motives one learned however nothing.

Concentration camp ovens for Auschwitz

The only remaining part of the building is the tower, which will be gutted and used as a staircase. It would have been difficult to preserve the seven-story brick building in neo-Gothic style, which is a listed building. It was built in 1910 according to plans by J. A. pot& The company built the crematoria and concentration camp ovens for Auschwitz and other extermination camps.

Ingo Lehmann (SPD) explained that the public debate – on the Facebook page of the Bayerische Rundschau the investor’s plans were criticized by many Kulmbach residents – was taken very seriously. For future cases one should think about it. For purposeful he considered an old town statute.

Even if the new building “grumbling” with him Hans-Dieter Herold (Greens) spoke out in favor of using the site, which has been in disrepair for years, for student housing. He is more concerned about the fact that after Kaufland moves out, it will soon no longer be possible to supply the city center with goods for daily needs.

Ralf Hartnack (WGK) also referred to the long vacancy. He quoted a statement of the State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments that the buildings may be demolished.

Michael Pfitzner (CSU) said that one should not be accused of not treating the cultural heritage with care. He is glad that life is coming into the city.

Problem: windows and balconies

But the large-scale project is not yet completely in dry cloths. As reported, it is about distance areas. The building authority noted that a large number of windows and balconies on the eastern side of the property – i.e. at the Kinogasschen – would provide a view of the houses opposite. Thereby the privacy of the neighbors would be considerably impaired.

Four parties, according to the administration, had submitted written objections through their lawyer. “Despite several attempts by the developer, no agreement was reached. Should a permit be granted by the city of Kulmbach despite these neighbor objections, the building permit notice could be revoked in the event of legal action”, it was said.

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