Up close and personal with the cows

Up close and personal with the cows

Farmer Anja Wagenbrenner is a trained educator. But at present farm and occupation cannot be reconciled for them. She is a mother of two children, and takes care of the family and supports her husband Diethard Wagenbrenner in this way. But now they had children on their court again. Because Margot Schottdorf, the organizer of the vacation program.

“I’m most interested in the cows”, had already in the apron Lukas noted, and Nico added: “I’m more interested in the machines.” At the farm there was the opportunity to see both. In the barn Diethard Wagenbrenner talked about his currently about 150 animals. Of which 80 are dairy cows. One cow had just given birth to a calf the night before, which was still lying in the soft straw.

Because the Wagenbrenners have a dairy farm, the children were also allowed to taste the milk. Some even succeeded in distinguishing purchased milk from the milk of the Oberthulba farmer. Diethard Wagenbrenner explained: “The milk from the store is prepared with less fat. Ours has partly more than four percent, you can tell already.”

On 120 hectares

The girls and boys wanted to know if one can live from such a farm. That confirmed the yard farmer of the trade area Neumuhle. “It’s not easy, you have to work a lot on the 120-hectare farm, but it’s going well. What we grow goes exclusively back into our own business.” After the facts, the Wagenbrenner couple had prepared matches. Finally Diethard Wagenbrenner invited the brave ones to a tractor tour. At the end there was a picnic for refreshment.

Margot Schottdorf and her helpers Ursula Beiersdorfer and Dorothea were also very satisfied Roder. “In the meantime, she added, “we have completed more than half of the vacation program.” He said that between 20 and 30 girls and boys came again and again, among other things there was a game Olympics and a firefighting event. Margot Schottdorf: “I am happy that our vacation program is meanwhile so well supported by clubs and helpers and I hope that the upcoming events will also be well received.”

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