Barbara voll takes up position as parish priest

Barbara Voll takes up position as parish priest

It runs without a time limit. “That’s the beauty of it”, said pastor Edwin Ziegler about the new occupation of the position.

After studying religious education at the University of Applied Sciences in Eichstatt, the Schweinfurt native began her pastoral ministry with a two-year assistantship in the parish community “Um den Findelberg” (Hall a. d. Saale) started. Barbara Voll then spent nine years in the parish community of Heidenfeld-Hirschfeld-Rothlein, with the last three years being “very formative The parish community did not have a parish priest because of the many different areas of responsibility. As a parish assistant in Garitz, Albertshausen and Poppenroth, she is responsible for communion catechesis, for accompanying altar servers, for religious education, for church services and for funeral ceremonies, among other things, “and wherever I am called, I am there. B. in kindergartens”. She sees the professional change to Garitz as a challenge she is looking forward to: “Change is an enrichment of life.”

As part of her presentation, the 34-year-old gave an insight into her pastoral work, which is based on the motto “You set my feet on wide open spaces ….” (Psalm 18) founds. A place without a church is “unimaginable for her, because a church offers space for an encounter with God”. But the church is always more than a building, because it lives through the profession of faith of the people who gather there. The church as a community of faith is a community that is changing, that is on the way “and I want to accompany and promote this path. She wants to direct her special attention to the children and young people and see the elders in their deep-rooted faith as role models.

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