Beautiful weibenstadter see – walking and swimming in the heart of the fichtelgebirge mountains

Beautiful Weibenstadter See - walking and swimming in the heart of the Fichtelgebirge mountains

The Weibenstadter See is an artificially built reservoir west of Weibenstadt and is located between the Schneeberg (highest mountain in the Fichtelgebirge) and the Grober Waldstein (highest elevation of the Waldstein range).

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Enjoying the Weibenstadter See

Visitors can relax and unwind at the Weibenstadter See lake. Because the 4-kilometer-long riverside path is very suitable for leisurely walks with a beautiful natural atmosphere.

Many seats decorate the shore path and invite you to let your gaze wander over the lake, the Grober Waldstein and the Schneeberg. Due to its flatness, the path around the Weibenstadter See is also suitable for wheelchair users.

There is also something for sports fans: Sailing and surfing are allowed in the designated sports zones. The large parking lot in the southwest of the lake offers optimal access for this purpose.

EU bathing water

EU bathing waters are bathing waters with supraregional importance. The evaluation of an EU bathing water includes the number of bathers, the water quality, a good infrastructure, sanitary facilities and safety. The bathing quality of the Weibenstadter See was awarded with an “excellent” in 2018 rates.

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